Hello and welcome to CinematicAddiction.com. My name is Jonathan, and I'm the only writer for this website. Just for your information, I also currently run KoreanMovieReviews.com, which I update frequently. Anyway, here at Cinematic Addiction, I write about movies. I tend to write a movie review every other day, a few recommendation lists, and an occasional article or discussion piece. It's all because of my immense love for film. I love films from every genre, every region, and every time-frame. I love South Korea's film industry (which is why I launched a separate website) and I am a huge fan of horror films (which is likely why I review the genre most harshly and most frequently), but I love everything in-between, too. I particularly love the films that really make you feel -- good or bad -- because we don't see enough of those nowadays.

As for my writing background: I'm not a professional critic or journalist. I didn't go to a large university and I don't sit around smoking a pipe while wearing a monocle. However, I was previously in the top 5000 reviewers on Amazon.com where I have published over 300 reviews and have a helpful rating of over 80%. And, as of December 2014, I've written well over 475 reviews here on Cinematic Addiction, and over 125 reviews on my Korean Movie Reviews website. I write in my spare time because I like to write and like to share my opinion on films. I'm not a harsh, soft, or biased critic - I rate everything I review fairly based on entertainment value first, and technical aspects second.

Aside for my love of film, I also enjoy video games, electronics/technology, and culture in general. I'm young (23 years old as of this writing), so I have many dreams and goals -- they haven't been crushed yet. One of my main dreams is traveling to South Korea and Japan. I love both countries and cultures, so it's something I want to do as soon as possible. If I ever travel to either country in the near future, you'll be the first to know.

What else? Well, aside from reviewing hundreds of films, I also write books -- horror books, to be exact. I started publishing books on October 2014 and I plan to continue publishing my stories for a long time. I'm not critically-acclaimed or a bestseller, but, like writing about movies, it's something I genuinely enjoy doing. I'm very passionate about my writing and I always aim to improve my prose. If you'd like to keep up with my writing ventures, you can visit my writer's blog at jon-athan.com. If you can't be bothered, just know: I have a slate of unnerving novels planned for 2016 - keep your eyes peeled!

If you have any questions concerning myself or the website(s), leave a comment or send me an email at cinematicaddiction@gmail.com and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks for reading about me, and thanks for visiting my website -- I genuinely appreciate it.

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