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Film Review: The Killer Inside Me (2010)

The Killer Inside Me (Review)
United States/2010
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"...a dark, brutal, and disturbing film..."

In 1950s West Texas, Sheriff Deputy Lou Ford (Casey Affleck) falls to his inner-demons, leaving a trail of death and violence in his wake...

The Killer Inside Me follows Lou Ford, a soft-spoken sheriff with some well-kept secrets. Lou is asked to help get rid of Joyce Lakeland (Jessica Alba), a prostitute who is having an affair with the son of a wealthy construction developer, Chester Conway. Instead, Lou finds himself having an affair of his own with Joyce. With Joyce, he devises a plan to scam the Conways and run off with a hefty payment. Yet again, Lou deviates from the plan. He attacks Joyce and Chester's son, hoping to make it look like they killed each other, but his plan is derailed. So, Lou finds himself at the center of a criminal investigation. There is so much more to the story, including some disturbing background for Lou, but I'll leave it at that to avoid any spoilers. It leads to a great ending, too.

The Killer Inside Me is a dark, brutal, and disturbing film—and that's something I like! No, I'm not a psychopath, but I enjoy stories about the darker side of humanity. This is about as dark as it gets. (Okay, it might get darker, but I digress.) Thanks to its darker elements, the film also works as a horror movie—which I also enjoy. If you like psychological drama/horror, you'll love this film. The crime elements were also very engaging. The characters are deep, the suspense is strong, and the violence is horrific. I understand some people were offended by the violence, but this is a film about a violent serial killer... What did you expect? Anyway, as a whole, the film works very well. I suppose there are a few slow moments here and there, but it's not a constant issue.

As usual, Casey Affleck delivered a phenomenal performance. He is able to capture his character's madness without flaw. Jessica Alba, Kate Hudson, and Simon Baker also offer great supporting performances. The film was shot very well. The music was also great, matching the mood and the setting of the film. Based off a novel, the film was written by John Curran and directed by Michael Winterbottom. The writing was great, masterfully creating a genuinely interesting character and a compelling plot. The uncompromising direction should also be applauded. Like Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, this film really brings you into the fractured mind of a serial killer thanks to its writing and direction.

Overall, The Killer Inside Me is a fantastic film. If you love compelling dramas and brutal horror films, I think you'll love this movie. If you're interested in the darker side of the human psyche, this film will definitely catch your interest. Highly recommended for those who can handle violence in movies.

Score: 9/10
Parental Guide: Strong violence and blood, sex and nudity.

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