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Anime Review — The Seven Deadly Sins: Signs of Holy War (2016)

The Seven Deadly Sins: Signs of Holy War (aka Season 2, according to Netflix) (TV)
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"...full of action and humor with a pinch of playful romance sprinkled on top."

The Seven Deadly Sins have brought peace back to Liones Kingdom, but more adventures and hijinks await...

First and foremost, Netflix advertises this as Season 2 of The Seven Deadly Sins—a series I loved back when I first reviewed it in 2015. In reality, this is a review for a 4-episode OVA series titled Signs of Holy War. Therefore, this review will be much shorter than my review for Season 1. This OVA series picks up where Season 1 left off. The Liones Kingdom is peaceful and the rebuilding process has started. So, what's happening? Well, Meliodas is still the perv running a tavern with Hawk; Princess Elizabeth is still trying to be as helpful as possible; Ban wants to fight Meliodas to settle their score; King wants to woo Diane; and so on. In terms of building up to the real Season 2, only the last few minutes of each episode actually push the story forward—which is a bit disappointing.

Still, if you loved the first season, like I did, this is still worth watching. These episodes aren't as exciting or action-packed as the episodes in the first season, but they're still entertaining. In these four measly episodes, there is a great blend of action, romance, and humor. (And, yes, there is still plenty of fan-service. I'm sure it'll bother someone out there...) I'd say most of this mini-series is focused on comedy, though. The first season was already funny, but this OVA series revolves mostly around the comedy. Plus, the characters are still as lively and exciting as ever. It's been over a year since I watched Season 1 and I still love this cast. The foreshadowing may be minimal, but it also worked. Yes, I wish the series was longer and I wish there was more variety, but it made me look forward to Season 2, so I suppose it accomplished its goals, right?

Again, I watched the original Japanese dub on Netflix. The voice-acting is still great. Yuki Kaki is fun as Meliodas, Sora Amamiya nails the bashful characteristics of Elizabeth, Misaki Kuno is very energetic, and Tatsuhisa Suzuki is great. The art style remains the same, too. The world is vibrant, the characters are well-designed, and the animation is great. The few fight scenes in this short series are splendid. (Like I said in my last review, it reminded me of Dragon Ball, which I love.) The music... Damn, I love the music in this series. It is epic. The writing and direction are not flawed in this OVA series. Obviously, this was not supposed to be Season 2, so we can't really blame the writing for not building a strong plot. The blame is on Netflix's side for hyping it up as Season 2.

Overall, The Seven Deadly Sins: Signs of Holy War (or Season 2 by Netflix's definition) is a great set of episodes, especially for fans of the first season. It's full of action and humor with a pinch of playful romance sprinkled on top. If you loved the first season, you'll be pleased to know: not much has changed. However, if you disliked the first season... Well, this won't change your opinion.

Score: 8/10
Parental Guide: Violence and blood.

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