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Film Review: Siren (2016)

Siren (Review)
United States/2016
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"...a pleasantly unique and entertaining creature feature."

A group of friends unwittingly unleash a vicious creature during a bachelor party...

Siren follows a group of groomsmen: Jonah (Chase Williamson), the groom, Mac, Jonah's brother, Rand, Jonah's best friend, and Elliot, a groomsman. The group plan a crazy bachelor party in Garden City, but they are disappointed. Fortunately, they meet a shady man in a strip club who offers to take them to an underground club. Of course, the group agrees to join him, but not before consuming shrooms – smart, right? They end up in this surreal club, which adds a lot of unexpected personality to this film. Anyway, Jonah meets Lily (Hannah Fierman). Thinking she's a sex slave, he unleashes her, which leads to plenty of blood and gore. It leads to a solid climax and ending.

I liked Siren. For the past few years, horror has been dominated by ghosts. This is a different type of supernatural horror movie, though. It's a breath of fresh air – and I have to applaud that. The film isn't terrifying or even suspenseful, but it is engaging and entertaining. It's an effective blend of black humor, gore, and folklore. There are some things that are downright outlandish, like the leeches, but, like I said, it gives the film personality. It was unique, unexpected, and interesting. Hell, I'd even argue it works as a solid romance film. By the end, I was begging for Lily and Jonah to stay together until the end. Romantic, isn't it? The characters are very stupid, which is often annoying, and there are some poor technical issues, but I ultimately enjoyed it.

The acting was good. It won't bring home any awards, but the cast was very natural. Believe me, I've seen much worse. Chase Williamson is good as the leading man. Justin Welborn, who plays Mr. Nyx, is a bit overdone here and there, but he was also good. Hannah Fierman was perfect for this role, just as she was in V/H/S. She's charming and malevolent – the perfect blend for the character. In terms of music, I often thought it didn't match the tone of the film. The computer special effects were also mediocre. I wish they focused more on practical effects, especially since they didn't appear to have the budget for better computer effects. The film was written by Ben Collins and Luke Piotrowski, and it's directed by Gregg Bishop. The writing could have focused a bit more on the characters, especially Lily and her backstory, but it was otherwise okay. It is occasionally contrived, but it's not too bad. Bishop doesn't conjure much suspense, but he's a solid director.

Overall, SiREN was a very good movie. It's a pleasantly unique and entertaining creature feature. If you liked the short film from V/H/S, I think you'll enjoy this feature presentation. And, if you're just looking for something different in the horror genre, you should check this one out.

Score: 7/10
Parental Guide: Strong violence and gore, sex and nudity.

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