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Film Review: Intruder (1989)

Intruder (Review)
United States/1989
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" of the better slashers from the 80s."

The night crew of a local supermarket is stalked and slaughtered by a mysterious psychopath...

In terms of plot, Intruder is a very basic slasher. The film follows the employees of a local restaurant, including Jennifer (Elizabeth Cox), who has a fight with her violent ex-boyfriend before closing the store. Anyway, the employees are told that the store is being sold so they have to work throughout the night to update the prices. Unfortunately for them, they are targeted by a psychopath with very violent murder methods. That's basically the entire plot. In this case, the simplicity works in its favor. The ending was also good.

Intruder is a great slasher. It's a blend of everything that makes campy slashers great. The plot is simple, so anyone can watch it and enjoy. The humor is very natural. It may be cheesy, but it doesn't feel forced or fabricated – like a few recent homages that come off as cringey instead of cheesy. In terms of horror, this isn't the most suspenseful film out there. It is often tense, though, especially during the latter half. The film also features some of the most brutal death scenes. It's just a very effective and entertaining film. I suppose the only thing it is missing is sex and boobs, right?

The acting ranges from good to mediocre. I'm not sure if the 'bad' acting was on purpose, either. Still, Elizabeth Cox is a strong leading lady. Dan Hicks, who plays Bill, delivers a great performance, too. I really liked the entire cast. The film was shot well. The music is good. The special effects are superb. If you love practical effects, you're going to love this film. The film was written by Scott Spiegel and Lawrence Bender; Spiegel also directs. The writing was fine for what it offered. Spiegel crafts a very entertaining slasher, seamlessly blending humor and horror for a gory treat.

Overall, Intruder is a great film. It's not the most tense or unnerving film, but it is very entertaining. Fans of practical special effects will really enjoy the visuals, too. I'd say this is one of the better slashers from the 80s. Check it out.

Score: 8/10
Parental Guide: Strong violence and gore.

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