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Film Review: Halloween 2 (2009)

Halloween 2 (Review)
United States/2009
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*A 31 Days of Halloween Special Review

"It works well as a basic slasher. "

Michael Myers continues to pursue his little sister Laurie Strode (Scout Taylor-Compton), who has been struggling to cope with the Halloween events one year prior...

Halloween 2 is a direct sequel to Rob Zombie's remake. The plot attempts to tackle the psychological aftermath of the events in the previous film, but it doesn't really resonate. Laurie Strode essentially suffers from horrendous flashbacks and survivor's guilt – it spends time on it, but it doesn't delve to deeply into her core problems. Laurie has moved in with Sheriff Brackett and his daughter Annie (Danielle Harris). Laurie goes around trying to live a normal life, but to no avail. Meanwhile, Michael Myers continues his pursuit of Laura while slaughtering everyone in his way. Oh, and Dr. Loomis (Malcolm McDowell) is still capitalizing on the tragedy. That's it. That's your story. It leads to an underwhelming climax and a weak ending.

Halloween 2 is certainly something different. It's also better than what I expected due to the very low ratings it has received in the past. However, it's not exactly great either. I like the style of the film – it's grungy and atmospheric. I like the sheer brutality of the movie, even if it doesn't quite fit the character. It has some moderate suspense, too. Hell, I even like what it tried to do. By the end, though, it just didn't really land. Laurie Strode is the main focus of this film and she's just not interesting. In fact, like most characters in this film, she's pretty damn annoying. The plot has too much filler, too. The dream sequences were just infuriating. It ultimately felt like a very hollow slasher.

The acting was okay. In this case, the supporting cast outshines the leads. I liked Danielle Harris in this. Scout Taylor-Compton, on the other hand, is way overdone. Most of her performance consists of screeching at the top of her lungs, cursing in every sentence, and grimacing – it's annoying. I don't know how many times I just wanted to mute my TV. And, of course, Rob Zombie found a way to shoehorn his wife, Sheri Moon Zombie, into this. She's not great, either. The music is pretty good, though – and it doesn't rely on the original soundtrack. The makeup is also great. This film has some brutal deaths. Rob Zombie writes and directs again. His story feels inconsistent, though. He wasn't perfect with the remake, but he was good. In terms of direction, he's still heavy-handed. It works for the brutality of the deaths, but it takes away from the mystique.

Overall, Halloween 2 is a decent film. It works well as a basic slasher. Its attempts at being more are just that – attempts. It leaves a greater impression through its graphic depictions of violence than it does through its story. I'd recommend a cheap purchase or stream at most.

Score: 5/10
Parental Guide: Graphic violence and gore, nudity.

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