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Film Review: Point Break (2015)

Point Break (Review)
United States/2015
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"The plot and characters leave a lot to be desired, but this isn't a bad blockbuster action movie."

Rookie FBI agent Johnny Utah (Luke Bracey) infiltrates a group of extreme athletes suspected of committing a string of high-stakes heists...

First and foremost, Point Break is a remake of a film that doesn't hold a special place in my heart. I think I've only watched the original once and I've forgotten most of it, so I didn't have any sort of expectations before watching this. The film follows Johnny Utah as he infiltrates this group of self-righteous, pseudo-intellectuals who are on their path to "enlightenment" – yes, they are as unbearable as they sound. The group is led by Bodhi (Edgar Ramirez), a Robin Hood-like figure, who immediately kicks it off with Utah for a good ol' fashioned bromance. The problem with the story is that it doesn't really have a good 'flow' – for want of a better word. The characters and their relationships are never properly developed and there are too many music/stunt videos scattered throughout. The ending also felt way off - I was kind of left baffled.

Point Break is just a blockbuster action movie. By that, I mean: this is a film you watch when you're looking for something big and loud. It has some great action scenes and the stunts, albeit oddly edited to feel like music videos, are exhilarating. You have a fairly decent blend of chase scenes, shootouts, and stunts. Unfortunately, that's all the film really has. As I already stated but will continue to complain about: the plot feels thin and forgettable. It doesn't help that the characters are incredibly annoying. Really, these guys never stop talking about how they're so much better than everyone. Anyway, none of it ever clicks. The film wants you to believe there's a bromance here, but it was never really developed that way. I mean, these guys could have kissed and I wouldn't believe they liked each other.

It's probably because the cast didn't have much chemistry. Luke Bracey and Edgar Ramirez are competent actors, but there characters just aren't well-developed. Ramirez is at least perpetually charismatic. The rest of the cast was serviceable. The film is shot very well, though. The cinematography is great and the music matched the tone of the film, too. This is one of those films that I wouldn't mind watching in 4K. The film was written by Kurt Wimmer and directed by Ericson Core. The writing needed a lot of work to pull off this 'idea.' Unfortunately, it came out predictable and hollow. The direction fares a bit better, capturing a great sense of adventure while delivering a coherent story. The music videos, however, I could do without.

Overall, Point Break is a decent action film. The plot and characters leave a lot to be desired, but this isn't a bad blockbuster action movie. It offers a decent amount of entertainment through its exhilarating action scenes and stunts. If you only need something to get your mind off of the real world, this isn't a bad time killer. If you're looking for something with action and depth, look elsewhere.

Score: 5/10
Parental Guide: Violence and blood, some sex.

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