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Film Review: Re-Kill (2015)

Re-Kill (Review)
United States/2015
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"...spoiled by terrible camerawork, a boring narrative, and uninspired direction/writing."

Five years after a zombie outbreak wiped out most of the population, the R-Division, a special tactics unit, wages war against the Re-Ans (the undead)…

Re-Kill is told as a mockumentary-style television show called "R-Division Frontline," where reporters follow the R-Division units on special missions. Between segments, the film shows us some satirical commercials showing the state of the US and the world – plenty of sex, drugs, and violence. Anyway, the actual plot follows the cameramen for "R-Division Frontline" and R-Division 8. They go on a few missions, killing zombies and busting smugglers. Eventually, their led into 'The Zone,' an area that the military was not able to contain during the initial outbreak. Honestly, there's not much to say about the plot. It has an interesting concept, at least in its mockumentary style, but it doesn't have much story. It often feels hollow and dull due to the lack of plot and character. It leads to a fairly predictable ending, too.

Re-Kill is a disappointing film. Thanks to its satirical commercial breaks, it has a Starship Troopers vibe, which I really appreciated. Some of the action scenes were also decent – although they are soiled by some technical issues. Although it isn't a scary film, it does have some jump-scares. Re-Kill, however, is more of a zombie shoot em' up. All would be well if this formula worked for more than one scene. Most of these shoot em' up scenes are exactly that: shooting them up. It kind of feels like Left 4 Dead: these characters stand around and mow down hordes of sprinting zombies – nothing more, nothing less. It can be exciting at times, but it gets boring fast. Couple the repetitive action with the nearly nonexistent plot and you have yourself a disappointing and boring film. It's not the worst film I've ever seen, but sometimes boring is worse than bad.

The acting ranges from decent to bad. Scott Adkins plays Trent Parker, a foul-mouthed R-Division member. Most of his dialogue consists of 'fuck' and 'get out of my face,' but he's not bad in this role. Some of the supporting cast was bad, though. This is partly due to stiff delivery and poor dialogue. The biggest issues for this film, however, were the camerawork and cinematography. This film is the definition of shaky cam. This film feels like it was shot by someone who held a camera for the first time, tinkering with every button while inspecting every nook and cranny on the device. The camera is always shaking, bouncing every which way, it constantly zooms in-and-out, and there are far too many cuts. I was nauseous and annoyed before the second half of the film. The film is written by Michael Hurst and directed by Valeri Milev. There was clearly a vision here, but the writing and direction leave a lot to be desired.

Overall, Re-Kill is a mediocre film. The mockumentary-style format was interesting, the satirical commercials were intriguing, and some of the action was decent. Unfortunately, the film is spoiled by terrible camerawork, a boring narrative, and uninspired direction/writing. There are worst films out
there (Have you see Seed 2 or The Human Centipede 3?), but that doesn't mean I can recommend Re-Kill. Really, I can only recommend it if you need to kill some time and you love zombies.

Score: 4/10
Parental Guide: Strong violence and gore.

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