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Film Review: The Entity (1982)

The Entity (Review)
United States/1982
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"It's suspenseful, disturbing, and atmospheric."

On a quiet night, Carla Moran (Barbara Hershey) is attacked and raped in her home by an invisible assailant...

The Entity is a chilling horror film. The story follows Carla Moran, a mother with a hard past and bright future. She lives happily with her three children, she has a decent job, and she's going to school. Her life changed when she's attacked by an invisible assailant. She returns to her home, trying her best to shrug it off as a dream, but the invisible attacker returns. She soon seeks help from Dr. Sneiderman (Ron Silver), a psychiatrist at the local university. He offers a set of possible explanations, but the attacks continue – growing with force with each passing day. The film begins to stray a bit during the final act. What I mean is: it continues the same plot, but becomes less frightening due to some of it's more fantastical elements. (I suppose the best comparison for this change in vibe would be Insidious.) Regardless, the film leads to a fairly decent ending. It doesn't offer a sturdy resolution, but it has a very chilling moment.

The Entity is a great film. Much like The Exorcist, this is more of a blend of horror and drama than a straightforward horror film. In turn, you get a horror film with character and atmosphere. This isn't a jump-scare gallery. No, this is a suspenseful nail-bitter, keeping you on the edge. Of course, based off the synopsis alone, you can also expect some very intense rape scenes. Although the assailant is invisible, it does not make these scene any less disturbing. All of these elements of horror come together to create something truly horrifying. Now, it does feel a bit less frightening as we proceed through the second half – more towards the final act, too. It's not bad since it still remains engaging and interesting, but the tension seems to loosen. There are some very blatant plot contrivances, too. I suppose they're not the end of the world, but they do stick out like sore thumbs.

The acting was great, though. Barbara Hershey delivers a stellar performance as the lead, cycling through a wide range of emotions. Ron Silver also delivers a strong performance. (Silver reminded me of Al Pacino for some reason.) The film is shot well; I'm glad the nighttime scenes are actually visible. The music, albeit repetitive, was also great, matching the intensity of the film. The film is written by Frank De Felitta, based of his own novel, and directed by Sidney J. Furie. Although it's a bit too long for its own good, the writing and direction were fine. The film is carefully crafted to create a tense experience and it works.

Overall, The Entity is a great horror film. It's suspenseful, disturbing, and atmospheric. It is a chilling experience in the same vein as The Exorcist – a psychological horror/drama with an uncompromising story. It feels a bit long and it loses some steam before it's chilling finale, but it is certainly worth watching for horror fans. The Blu-ray quality is superb, too!

Score: 8/10
Parental Guide: Violence and blood, sex and nudity. Although the assailant is invisible, the rape scenes in this film are still very disturbing.

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