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Film Review: Children of the Corn: Genesis (2011)

Children of the Corn: Genesis (Review)
United States/2011
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"...the horror is nearly nonexistent..."

When their car breaks down on the scenic route, Tim (Corey Walker) and Allie (Kelen Coleman) find themselves in a remote farmhouse with a mysterious man known as Preacher (Billy Drago)...

Children of the Corn: Genesis follows Tim and Allie as they call for a tow. The pair won't be able to leave for another day, so Preacher allows them to stay the night. The couple are told not to wander, but, of course, Allie does so anyway. They find that there may be a kid in danger, and soon find themselves trapped in the home by a mysterious force. Some hallucinations and mistrust occurs, then it leads to this big set-piece climax that feels like it belongs in Bad Boys 2. I didn't like the ending, either.

In fact, I didn't like most of Children of the Corn: Genesis. Before I get too deep into this review, I'd just like to state: I'm not all too familiar with Genesis and the bible. The only Genesis I'm familiar with right now is Terminator: Genesys, and I don't think that's the same genesis. Anyway, this film suffers from the same basic issues most horror films suffer from nowadays. The characters are insufferable, the horror is nearly nonexistent, and the story is riddled with clich├ęs and illogical plot points.

First and foremost, the characters are annoying and not too bright. Right off the bat, Allie comes off as annoying with her snarky attitude and poor decisions. This is the type of character that does all of the wrong things, like jeopardizing your safety by insulting an ominous man or crapping on your house rules. This is the type of character that grips her purse because she's in a low-income part of town. Tim, on the other hand, is nearly incompetent -- he really can't do anything right for some particular reason.

The horror doesn't fair much better. There are some suspenseful scenes, but most of it is due to convenience. For example, there this dragged out scene where Tim takes forever to return something to its rightful place while his wife is used as a distraction. This was somewhat suspenseful, but then you start screaming at the screen because Tim is so damn incompetent! (Okay, I digress) Otherwise, there isn't much horror going on. There isn't an ominous atmosphere, there are very few jump-scares, there's hardly any violence... It's pretty much deprived of horror.

The story is interesting, but the execution is flawed. It offered enough for me to watch it until the end, but there are some holes in the plot, as well as some sloppy storytelling. Also, for a Children of the Corn film, there are hardly any children in this film, let alone any corn. It's not the worst story I've ever seen, but it definitely doesn't do much to differentiate itself or even entertain its audience. I liked some of the telekinesis aspects, but that is barely used. The ending with the highway scene didn't make much sense, either; why did they follow the car-carrier when cars were clearly falling off it? They could have just pulled over! All-in-all, it doesn't seem to have much, even for a mere 80 minute runtime.

The acting is okay. Kelen Coleman plays her character well and Corey Walker is passable; the car scene towards the end with these two was fairly bad, though. Billy Drago is good, though. There some good-looking scenes here, some of the scenery shots are nice. I don't remember much of the music. Writer and director Joel Soisson has an interesting story in hand, but his execution is flawed. It shows promise, though. It could've been a good film with more polish, but, in this form, it feels rushed and sloppily made.

Overall, I didn't like Children of the Corn: Genesis. The film has some interesting elements, like some plot points and the telekinesis, but the positive is easily overshadowed by the negative. The characters are shallow and annoying, the plot is occasionally confusing and contrived, and there is a severe lack of effective horror. If you're looking to watch every film in the series, it may be worth your time. Otherwise, there are far better horror films to spend those precious 80 minutes on -- why don't you try [Rec]?

Score: 3/10
Parental Guide: Some violence and blood, some sexuality. (An areola slip.)

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