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Film Review: Mr. Jones (2013)

Mr. Jones (Review)
United States/2013
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"...too concerned with a surreal presentation which leaves a blatant lack of narrative and horror."

A couple, Penny (Sarah Jones) and Scott (Jon Foster), move to the woods to film a documentary. Soon, they are terrorized by a chain of mysterious events...

Mr. Jones follows Scott and Penny as they try to repair their relationship in the woods. The couple shoot their documentary and argue a bit until they find remnants of an elusive artist known as Mr. Jones. After searching through the suspected home of Mr. Jones, the pair find themselves trapped in a seemingly never-ending nightmare. The nightmare cycles over and over with blatant attempts at being "trippy" or mind-blowing -- it doesn't work. The ending was expected, too.

 Mr. Jones is an ambitious film. The concept is interesting. In fact, despite some flaws, the first half of the film was interesting. Unfortunately, the second half of the film becomes infatuated with being this "trippy" horror film. Unfortunately, it's neither trippy or horrifying. Instead, it's repetitive, convoluted, and boring. Honestly, despite some interests in the Mr. Jones mythos, most of the film was boring. There isn't a shred of horror in this film. The story gets lost in itself by the end.

The acting was decent, at least. The leads lacks chemistry and charisma, but they were more than competent. The film is found-footage. This is one of those found-footage films that suffers from the unbearable shaky cam -- when you're camerawork is worse than a foot pursuit in an episode of "Cops," you know it's a problem. The prop and set design was cool, though, and some of the editing was great. Writer and director Karl Mueller had an interesting concept in hand, but failed to utilized it efficiently. The obsession with being "trippy" leaves the film with a severe lack of actual horror and narrative.

Overall, Mr. Jones is a disappointing film. Is it technically terrible? No, maybe not. Unfortunately, the film is boring. The film starts off promising, but that promise is quickly broken. The final act of this film completely demolishes that promise, in fact. Like I said, it's too concerned with a surreal presentation which leaves a blatant lack of narrative and horror. I'd stream if you're still interested.

Score: 2/10
Parental Guide: Some violence and blood, sexuality.

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