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Film Review: Deepstar Six (1989)

Deepstar Six (Review)
United States/1989
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"...kept me locked and seated until the end."

The crew of the Deepstar Six, a deep-sea colony, struggle to survive against a vicious sea monster.

Deepstar Six begins by following the routine procedure of this crew. This crew works on the Deepstar Six, a deep-sea colony funded by the Navy, so the crew consists of military and civilian personnel. Eventually, as the crew sets up the nuclear missile storage above a deep cavern, they awaken a large and fast sea creature. So, it becomes a fight for survival. The ending was a bit bizarre, but I enjoyed it. Ultimately, it's a fairly simple creature feature, though.

It doesn't really become a creature feature until halfway through, actually. The first and second act are used to mostly buildup the character and setting. I definitely appreciated that. However, I thought this segment was longwinded. If you're looking for a creature, it doesn't appear until the second half. Furthermore, it's not built up well, either. There's some suspense here and there, but it simply didn't feel engaging. The final act becomes the actual fight for survival, and I enjoyed it. Great suspense, action, and death sequences. In fact, this film has an instant-favorite death. (that sounds bizarre, but it's true.)

I also loved the setting for this film. It reminded me of Alien, but obviously underwater. Regardless, the setting was immersive. In fact, it was more immersive and engaging than the plot during the first two acts. I often found myself looking at every inch of the setting, sometimes looking at the setting more than the characters. If you're a fan of settings, this is for you. The creature is also great. It's design is definitely different, but memorable. I only wish we could have seen more of it.

The acting was good. Nothing special, but nothing terrible, either. It's more than competent, though. Miguel Ferrer stood out, though, I really enjoyed his performance. The music is great, too, I can see myself listening to this soundtrack without the film. The film is shot very well. The cinematography and camerawork capture the wonderful setting perfectly. This is worth watching in high definition, the film stands the test of time. Although it's not as engaging during the first half, director Sean S. Cunningham does a wonderful job in creating an immersive atmosphere and a redeeming second half. He also pulls solid performances from his cast.

Overall, Deepstar Six is a good SciFi horror film. It reminded me of films like Relic and Deep Rising, which I really enjoyed. However, this film really excels when it comes to the setting and atmosphere. The story may have flaws, but the setting really hooked me. It kept me locked and seated until the end. If you're a fan of creature features, this is definitely worth a stream or rental.

Score: 6/10
Parental Guide: Strong violence and gore, and some partial nudity. (wet t-shirt contest!)

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