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Film Review: [Rec] 3: Genesis (2012)

[Rec 3]: Genesis (Review)
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"...a very fun and entertaining zombie film by its own standards."

Koldo (Diego Martin) and Clara (Leticia Dolera) celebrate their wedding with their very large and extensive family. All is well until an uncle takes a bite out of his wife...

Rec 3: Genesis begins with the series' signature found-footage style. The introduction features some nice and subtle buildup and character introductions as Adrian, Koldo's cousin, records the event. It also works well in connecting this film with the first two in the series. Eventually, Hell breaks loose in a great sequence, and the found-footage is dropped and replaced with traditional shooting. The rest of the story follows Koldo and Clara, who are separated in the chaos, as they try to reunite. It's fairly simple, but enjoyable. The ending is great – I enjoyed it, definitely something most people won't be accustomed to, though.

Rec 3: Genesis is the most polarizing film in this series – and understandably so. First and foremost, the bulk of this film is traditionally shot – it's no longer found-footage. Some people might like this, some people might hate it. I loved the found-footage in the first two films, and I'm only slightly disappointed that it was replaced in this installment. Even more polarizing, though, is the drastic change in mood. The first film is a terrifying horror film; the second film is an exciting horror-action movie; this film is a blend of horror, comedy, and romance. And, in this case, I didn't find any of it particularly frightening – the only reason this is considered a horror film is because of the blood and gore, and zombies.

However, I did think Rec 3: Genesis was exciting, funny, and occasionally clever. First, the action and gore reminded me of video games like Dead Rising – a lot melee weapons, like a sword or a mace – or, my personal favorite, a chainsaw. I like this, it's a fun and exciting change for the series. Aside from some exciting zombie action, the film also has some chilling moments. Next, the film features some very lively and humorous characters. For example, Spongebob oops, I mean John Sponge, the completely original character who doesn't infringe on any copyright. *wink wink* The black humor works very well with the rest of the film, and it is occasionally self-aware. (I loved the jab at found-footage.)

The acting is good. It's a little melodramatic at times, but it works well with the overall mood of the film. Leading man and lady Diego Martin and Leticia Dolera are great, though. The film is shot very well, both in found-footage and traditional styles; I especially enjoy the cinematography and the setting, I loved seeing the setting change over time. The music fits well with the film; it creates some tension and it creates some cheesy but humorous moments. The makeup is great, too, some of the gore is superb. This film is helmed by Paco Plaza alone, removing Jaume Balaguero for this entry. Plaza does well in creating a fun mood, but there is a notable lack of actual horror and suspense – I definitely had fun, but it has a some shortcomings.

Overall, Rec 3: Genesis is a very good film. I know many fans will be disappointed by the many differences and departures this film features, but I enjoyed it. It's definitely different from the first two films, and it's nowhere near as scary or suspeneful, but it's a very fun and entertaining zombie film by its own standards. I would honestly be lying if I said I didn't have fun. So, if you're open-minded about films, especially films you know are polarizing beforehand, I think you'll enjoy this one.

Score: 7/10
Parental Guide: Strong violence and gore, some partial nudity.

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