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Film Review: Dead Snow (2009)

Dead Snow (Review)
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"...a dark, fun, exciting, and creative zombie movie."

A group of friends travel to a snowy cabin in the woods for Easter break. All is well until the Nazi zombies show up...

Dead Snow follows this group of friends as they vacation at the cabin. They have snowball fights, play Twister, and drink beer. An eerie stranger eventually shows up to give a history lesson on the location -- a lesson which involves Nazis and their harsh treatment of the locales during World War 2. About halfway through, the Nazi zombies make their presence known, and the group begin battling for survival. It's a very bloody and exciting climax, which leads to a predictable but great ending.

Dead Snow is a simple zombie horror film. The first half of the film focuses on the characters, some humor, and building up the climax. It's a little slow and has a handful of clichés, but it gets the job done and it gets it done well. The film explodes with a gory, unforgettable death sequence about midway through and never stops. This isn't a traditional zombie horror film, it's a dark, fun, exciting, and creative zombie movie. There isn't much too discuss really: barebones when it comes to plot but fun when it comes to the blood and gore, or at least "fun" when it comes to a horror sense. Some of the humor does fall flat, there are some pacing issues, and it often gets lost in translation. (I couldn't tell if the clichés were bad or satirical.)

The acting is good -- nothing really stood out as spectacular or terrible. The film is shot very well during the day; some of the nighttime scenes were a little too dark, though. The music was also great; I liked the soundtrack and the original score. The special effects stood out most on the technical side. It's a fantastic blend of computer graphics and practical effects, with a great use of the latter. The makeup effects really helped make this film both memorable and distinct. Director Tommy Wirkola crafts a funny and exciting zombie horror film; the humor blends in well and the gore makes this film a standout in the zombie genre.

Overall, Dead Snow is a very good zombie horror-comedy. It's not particularly terrifying, but it is very bloody and gory. Despite a few fall-flat jokes and gags, the humor was mostly hilarious, too. Definitely worth watching, especially if you're looking for something entertaining or to kill the time.

Score: 7/10
Parental Guide: Strong violence and gore, and a brief sex scene.

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