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Film Review: Spiderhole (2010)

Spiderhole (Review)
United Kingdom/2010
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"For everything this film does right, it does two things wrong."

Molly (Emma Malin) and three of her fellow homeless art classmates go squatting, but find themselves the target of a hidden evil...

Spiderhole starts off promising. Sure, it doesn't really give us a reason to like these arrogant characters, but it introduces an interesting concept. The buildup is decent and the home is creepy. However, as the film enters its second act, it quickly dwindles and becomes, well, boring. The students are targeted by an unknown surgeon who locks them in the home, but it really feels like nothing is happening. The film becomes more contrived during the final act; the ending is uncertain, and even infuriating.

You know, the type of anger you feel when you're screaming at the characters on screen for their stupidity. Unfortunately, there's plenty of it. You're reading it right: not only are these characters unlikable, they're also stupid. I won't spoil any of the film, but there are so many opportunities for the characters to escape or change their situation, it's mind-numbing to watch them do otherwise. ("Oh, my boyfriend might be injured or possibly dead, I should go explore by myself.")

There is some decent suspense here and there, but nothing particularly terrifying. It's kind of hard to even consider this a horror film considering the lack of horror. Based of the trailer, I was expecting some torture or violence, but even that is limited -- at least in terms of what you actually see, most of the time you witness the aftermath. This is part of the reason the latter half of the film feels like there is nothing going on -- because there really is nothing going on.

The acting is okay, though. I didn't think any of it was bad, but it was definitely overacted. (You can't really blame the actors for the characters they play.) The film looks nice, the interiors look creepy. The music blends well with the film, too. I think writer and director Daniel Simpson has the visuals locked down -- the film is stylish and looks great. However, Simpson's plot is hollow and boring, and Simpson struggles to conjure any genuine horror.

Overall, Spiderhole is a bad film. The film starts off promising and the concept has great potential, but the execution is severely flawed. There simply isn't enough story in this film, and the lack of horror makes it even more boring and bland. For everything this film does right, it does two things wrong. There are much better films to watch, I'd avoid this until you get through all of the good films on your list.

Score: 3/10
Parental Guide: Strong violence and blood, some sex and brief nudity.

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