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Film Review: Partick Evil Awakens (2013)

Patrick: Evil Awakens (Review)
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"...jump-scares, jump-scares, and more jump-scares."

Kathy (Sharni Vinson) is hired as a nurse in Dr. Roget's (Charles Dance) psychiatric clinic where she encounters Patrick (Jackson Gallagher), a comatose patient with hidden secrets... and powers.

Patrick: Evil Awakens is a creative concept with decent execution. The story continues follow Kathy after she's hired as she becomes intrigued by Patrick. She realizes he can actually communicate -- first through spitting, then through his psychic powers. In the meantime, Patrick begins to interfere with Kathy's personal life, which takes Kathy a very long time to realize. The climax is bloody, but longwinded, and the ending was mediocre.

Patrick: Evil Awakens is heavily dependent on its loud-noise jump scares. In fact, that's pretty much all of the horror in the film: jump-scares, jump-scares, and more jump-scares. There is some decent suspense during some scenes, but it always relies on jump-scares. I can't even count how many there were in the film. They're not very effective, but I thought they were at least fun and occasionally exciting.

Aside from the one-note horror, Patrick: Evil Awakens features the classic "dumb as rocks" characters we usually find in horror films. Kathy is book smart, but it takes her forever to realize what is happening -- it's almost frustrating. She meddles and interferes with the doctor's work, but can't seem to piece together how she's the victim. Other characters are stupid, too, but I don't think you need anymore examples.

The acting was surprisingly good for the most part. Sharni Vinson does very well during the first two acts; however, she becomes mediocre when the role becomes demanding during the ending. I think Charles Dance is the standout, a great performance. Jackson Gallagher... doesn't really do anything; he lays in bed and spits, should've given me the role. The film looks good, definitely captures an old-school horror vibe. The film also has a throwback-style soundtrack; I think it'll sound great on its own (i.e. If you were to purchase the album), but it's too overwhelming and intrusive for the film. Director Mark Hartley is good, but, like the rest of the film, the direction fails during the ending.

Overall, Patrick: Evil Awakens is a good film. The concept is creative -- at least for those who haven't seen the original film, like myself -- and the jump-scares are fun and exciting. However, the film begins to crumble during the final act with a longwinded climax and mediocre ending. And, the over reliance on jump-scares will make this film less exciting and effective during a second viewing.

Score: 6/10
Parental Guide: Strong violence and gore, nudity, and some sex.

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