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Top 10 Best Korean Romantic Comedy Movies

Top 10 Best Korean Romantic Comedy Movies
Sassy? Check. Quirky? Check. Bizarre? Check. Korean romantic comedies revitalized my interests in both romance and comedy movies. Honestly, I was never a big fan of either genre, save for a few films. But, Korea has once again pushed my love for film into new territory. If you love the signature Korean comedy and love a genuine romance, you'll love the films on this list. So, here it is, my list of the best Korean Romantic Comedies:

10. My Girlfriend Is An Agent
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Expert special agent Ahn Soo-ji and her ex-boyfriend Lee Jae-joon, who works as a rookie agent, hunt down a group with a dangerous weapon. However, the pair work the same case but from different departments causing... a lot of misunderstandings. Although it doesn't fully capitalize on its premise, this is a funny slapstick comedy with two charming leads.

9. Spring Bears Love
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Spring Bears Love follows Hyun-chae, played by Bae Doo-na, after she finds love notes in the library and begins searching for her secret admirer. It's funny and the romance is genuine, and Bae Doo-na is a bae (that's how the kids spell babe nowadays right, or am I still out of the loop?). However, it is cliché and repetitive, so be prepared.

8. Love Fiction
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Love Fiction follows Goo Joo-wol, played by the excellent Ha Jung-woo, as he finds a muse in a woman with hairy armpits and a complicated past. This is a unique rom com that solely follows the male perspective, and I like the originality. It's also funny and charming, although a little too long for its own good.

7. The Perfect Couple
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The Perfect Couple follows a mismatched pair: a cop with peak-phobia and a clumsy reporter. The film is a little different than the typical romantic comedy, but I thought it was funny -- it was even hilarious at times. Aside from one running-gag that runs out of steam, this is a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

6. 200 Pounds Beauty
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Tired of being of being overweight, talented singer Kang Han-na, played by Kim Ah-joong, undergoes surgery and reemerges as the sexy Jenny. Although very predictable, 200 Pounds Beauty blends its lighthearted, slapstick and quirky humor perfectly -- the first half of the film is laugh-out-loud hilarious! Kim Ah-joong also delivers a must-watch performance.

5. Penny Pinchers
Read Penny Pinchers (Review) Here!
Carefree and jobless Ji-Woong teams up with thrifty penny-pinching neighbor Hong-Sil to make some money. Aside from the last twenty minutes, Penny Pinchers is a refreshing romantic comedy with some great wit and quirk. The humor is hilarious, and the pair of leads are charismatic enough to hold the film down. It's very fun film, which leans more towards "cute" comedy, and is enjoyable for everyone.

4. Dancing Queen
Read Dancing Queen (Review) Here!
Jung-hwa sees the opportunity to become a famous singer, like she has always dreamed, but finds it may interfere with her husband's plans of becoming Mayor. This is a film that plays it a little safe and by-the-books, but still manages to strive based off of the two charismatic leads, the lighthearted and laugh-out-loud humor, and its important message.

3. My Dear Desperado
Read My Dear Desperado (Review) Here!
Unemployed but dedicated Han Se-jin moves into a one-bedroom basement apartment and finds out her neighbor, Oh Dong-chul, is a middle-aged gangster. Another film where I couldn't get the smile off my face, My Dear Desperado is a charming romantic comedy with a lot of heart. The first hour of the film is more original than most romantic comedies nowadays.

2. My Little Bride
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High school student Bo-eun is conned by her grandfather into marrying college student Sang-min. Can she keep it a secret from her classmate and will they fall in love? You probably know the answer considering most rom coms end the same, but My Little Bride is hilarious. This is one of the few films that literally made me laugh-out-loud. It's also uplifting, I practically smiled throughout the entire film!

1. My Sassy Girl
Read My Sassy Girl (Review) Here!
You probably guessed it, but My Sassy Girl is my favorite. The film follows goofy but charming Gyeon-woo who meets a drunk girl on a train, and slowly develops a genuine but harsh relationship with her. The humor, which is mostly humiliation and embarrassment, is absolutely hilarious, and the romance is incredibly effective. Both elements compliment each other perfectly to create an amazing romantic comedy experience. A must-watch masterpiece of the genre.

Thanks for reading! Did I miss one of your favorites? Leave a comment below or tweet them to me @JonathanCA_KMR! I'd love to hear what you thought about the list or your opinion on Korean romantic comedies.

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