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Film Review: The Conspiracy (2012)

The Conspiracy (Review)
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"...a handful of familiar elements and genre clichés, but it still managed to entertain."

Documentary filmmakers Aaron (Aaron Poole) and Jim (James Gilbert) begin to document a conspiracy theorist named Terrance. All is well until Terrance mysteriously vanishes.

The Conspiracy continues to follow Aaron and Jim as they pick up where Terrance left off, or at least Aaron does. They begin to piece together Terrance's work and attempt to find a pattern. They're eventually led to a secret organization set out to create a new world order, a global community led by a single government. It's a simple but engaging and interesting plot that leads to a great but familiar climax, and a satisfying ending.

The Conspiracy is a mockumentary-style film -- I suppose it may also be viewed as a found-footage film. Anyway, the mockumentary style works for the film. I'm not a conspiracy theorist myself, but I definitely enjoy them. So, right off the bat, The Conspiracy kept me hooked and interested. It also manages to keep this momentum up to the end. And, even though I knew where it was headed, I enjoyed the destination. The Conspiracy is a very interesting and very entertaining film; it's also very well paced and tightly-packaged with minimal,if any filler -- it was over before I knew it.

The acting was great all around. Their characters may not be deep or complex, but Aaron Poole and James Gilbert deliver believable performances. (the latter sort of looks like Bradley Cooper, if that's any help to anyone...) The film looks and sounds like a documentary; it becomes a little more found-footage during the final act, but it fortunately avoids becoming nauseating. Writer and director Christopher MacBride treads familiar territory, but still delivers an engaging and entertaining mockumentary.

Overall, The Conspiracy is a great film. It has a handful of familiar elements and genre clichés, but it still managed to entertain. Maybe it was my interest in conspiracies, maybe it was the forgiving short runtime, or maybe it was the great climax. Regardless, I really enjoyed the film. If you're open-minded or enjoy a solid mockumentary, I think you'll enjoy The Conspiracy.

Score: 8/10
Parental Guide: Generally appropriate for all audiences.

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