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Film Review: The Boogeyman (1980)

The Boogeyman (Review)
United States/1980
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"...severely lacks any horror elements..."

Siblings Willy (Nicolas Love) and Lacey (Suzanna Love) are punished by their mother's abusive boyfriend. Willy, with the help of Lacey, ends up killing him that same night...

Fast forward 20 years, the pair live a seemingly normal life, although Willy no longer speaks. After they receive a letter from their mother, who is near death, Lacey begins to suffer from nightmares of the horrid night 20 years ago. So, Lacey and her husband visit Lacey's old home where she breaks a mirror due to seeing what she believed to be was her mother's boyfriend. Anyway, she inadvertently releases his spirit (I think?) and he begins to kill by possessing household items, like knives and scissors. The ending was mediocre, and leaves room for sequels.

I didn't like The Boogeyman. The concept is interesting, but the story takes forever to get started. Nothing really happens until halfway through, and even then it still staggers to its ending. It just doesn't have a hook or an interesting story. It's also not very scary. Some of the death sequences were surprisingly violent, though, so they may jolt you, but the rest of the film lacks horror. There is no tension or suspense, no atmosphere, not even a handful of jump-scares. I think the best way to describe The Boogeyman is as BORING -- slow-paced, dull, uneventful, cheesy, and bad can also describe it.

The acting ranged from bad to mediocre. Suzanna Love was okay, and Nicolas Love also does well considering he doesn't speak throughout most of the film. I think the dialogue was bad, though, very wooden and unnatural. I liked the use of color and lighting during some scenes, but most of the time it's too difficult to see what's going on -- either because of bad lighting or bad camerawork. The music was the best part of the film; the soundtrack screams 80s and has a great sound; the editing for the music was bad, though. The makeup was decent, too. Writer and director Ulli Lommel lacks consistency and flow; the film is simply boring, especially due to the lack of horror.

Overall, The Boogeyman is a bad supernatural slasher. It severely lacks any horror elements, the story takes too long to get started and has little consistency, and the acting was mediocre. It has some surprising death sequences, but not nearly enough to redeem the film. The soundtrack was also great. It's one of those B-movies where you can't tell if it's supposed to be a b-movie or if it's actually bad -- I think it's the latter.

Score: 3/10
Parental Guide: Strong violence and blood, some brief nudity.

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