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Film Review: Stitches (2012)

Stitches (Review)
United Kingdom/2012
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"...this one might leave you in stitches."

Six years after being killed at Tom's 10th birthday party, irreverent clown Stitches (Ross Noble) returns from the dead to exact vengeance on Tom (Tommy Knight) and friends.

Stitches is a very simple slasher/black comedy. The story continues to follow Tom during his 16th birthday. Of course, he reluctantly has a big birthday bash when his mother leaves, filled with sex and alcohol, and Stitches eventually shows up. Consequently, Stitches targets and kills any of Tom's friends who attended his 10th birthday party -- most who are partly responsible for Stitches' death. After several gory kills and plenty of wordplay, Stitches ends with a decent ending -- no complaints on my end.

This is by no means a horror film that's supposed to scare you, or at least I didn't think so. It's more of a fun horror film. The over-the-top gore and violence is ridiculous, and a treat for fans of special effects. There isn't a shred of suspense leading to the kills, but the execution is ridiculously funny. The humor is mostly irreverent and black, with a few jokes and some slapstick. But, it's mostly reliant on wordplay and puns. Unfortunately, the wordplay and puns are really hit-or-miss and used way too often.

The roles don't demand much from any of the cast, but they all perform competently. Ross Noble is the only standout, though. Otherwise, the film looks and sounds like a standard slasher. It doesn't do anything on the technical side to stand apart from other genre offering. Well, aside from the gore, at least. The special effects are great, blending practical and computer to deliver a bloody treat for gorehounds. Writer and director Conor McMahon crafts a very fun and bloody slasher -- you can just tell it was a fun film to make -- it doesn't try to be more than what it is, and I can appreciate that every now and then.

Overall, Stitches is a fun slasher. It's not the type of "fun" you'd want to have with your children or younger siblings, more like the offensive, "adult" type of fun. It's very black and extremely violent -- not realistically violent, but very violent. If you like horror-comedies, this one might leave you in stitches. (I know, I complained about wordplay and ended with a cheesy punchline, sue me. Actulally, please don't.)

Score: 7/10
Parental Guide: Strong violence and gore, some sex and brier nudity.

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