Friday, July 25, 2014

Film Review: La Ultima Muerte (aka The Last Death) (2012)

La Ultima Muerte (aka The Last Death) (Review)
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"...engaged from its eerie beginning to its surprising climax."

When a young, amnesia-stricken man (Kuno Becker) stumbles near his cabin, Jaime (Álvaro Guerrero), a doctor, attempts to recover his lost memory.

La Ultima Muerte mainly follows Jaime as he tries to piece together this young man's life. This young nameless man is injured and scarred, but can't remember why. He doesn't have any identification, either. As Jaime gets deeper into the mystery, he realizes he's being followed and he's not safe. The truth is much darker than expected, and the ending is satisfying -- it does feel a bit abrupt, but I did enjoy it.

La Ultima Muerte, also known as The Last Death, is much deeper than I explained. The mystery keeps you engaged from its eerie beginning to its surprising climax. There are twists and turns at every corner -- it keeps you guessing and guessing. There are a few chase scenes to help the pacing, too. And, it all takes place in a cool but subtle SciFi world. There aren't any floating cars or androids, but there is some cool technology and visuals. If you like mystery films and SciFi settings, this slick blend is for you.

Kuno Becker is great as the nameless man, but I think Álvaro Guerrero steals the show. Guerrero is very genuine and even powerful with his performance. The film is often poorly lit, so you can't see what's going on. Other than those few scenes, the film has a slick style and cinematography. The music is great; it really amplifies the thrills and suspense, and also matches the mood and setting. This is a Spanish film, and the English subtitles are great. Director David Ruiz pulls great performances from his cast, and expertly crafts an engaging and mysterious thriller -- it's a mystery that's actually mysterious!

Overall, La Ultima Muerte is a great film. The story is engaging through a great mystery and solid suspense, the performances are impressive, and the film is technically well-made. There are a few minor issues, but fans of mystery-thrillers will find a great film in La Ultima Muerte.

Score: 8/10
Parental Guide: Some violence and blood.

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