Friday, July 11, 2014

Film Review: Creature (1985)

Creature (aka The Titan Find) (Review)
United States/1985
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"...the bad type of b-movie with few redeeming qualities."

A crew of astronauts land on Titan, one of Jupiter's moons, and fall prey to an extraterrestrial creature.

Creature is very simple. The crew have trouble landing and need assistance from a German crew, who has already been attacked. Soon thereafter, they realize they are not alone and they encounter the dangerous creature. The creature itself is intelligent and can control its victims after death. Afterward, they attempt to survive and escape. The ending was cheesy, but decent; unlike the rest of the film, it's the only part that feels like good b-movie.

Creature is a SciFi horror film with a familiar story. It starts off somewhat strong with an interesting back-story, but quickly loses momentum. In fact, the first half of the film was a bore -- nothing really happened. Around the middle, the film spruces up with some gory and exciting scenes. But... it slows down again shortly afterward. I can tolerate a been-there-done-that as long as it's entertaining, but this was mostly boring. The suspense was mostly nonexistent, the surprisingly decent gore was underutilized, the story quickly becomes boring and repetitive, and so on. Even with its short runtime, the film felt way too long.

The acting was mediocre all-around. Klaus Kinski was good, but is limited to a cameo appearance. The music was also good, although it sounded familiar. (especially the sound effects) The props and settings look good whenever the film has proper lighting. Unfortunately, most I'd the film is drenched in darkness making it difficult to appreciate the set. It's not bad enough for director William Malone to lack a distinct vision, he also fails to create an immersive atmosphere or any suspense.

Overall, Creature is a bad SciFi horror film. It's not scary or suspenseful, the story is boring, and the film is poorly paced. It has its moments, especially during the middle, but not nearly enough to justify the hour thirty runtime or redeem the rest of the film's downfalls. It's the bad type of b-movie with few redeeming qualities. Stream or rent before purchasing.

Score: 3/10
Parental Guide: Strong violence and gore, and some nudity.

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