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Film Review: Barricade (2012)

Barricade (Review)
United States/2012
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"...cliché premise and delivery feel so much more forgivable."

A father, Terrance (Eric McCormack), and his kids Cynthia (Conner Dwelly) and Jake (Ryan Grantham) vacation in a cabin in the woods and fall prey to something malevolent...

Barricade is very simple. A year after his wife's death, Terrance takes the kids to a cabin in the woods during the winter. All is well for a night, then they start to see strange figures outside and begin to feel a dangerous presence surrounding them. So, they barricade themselves in the cabin and try to survive the storm and the mysterious force. This cliché yet entertaining story leads to an underwhelming ending; the story has great buildup, but the execution for the climax causes more confusion than it should.

Barricade is a very familiar horror-thriller movie. The film borrows a lot from many films in the genre. But, as I said, it is surprisingly entertaining regardless. Barricade builds up some decent suspense, it has a handful of jolting jump-scares, and some creepy visuals. The film also stays on its feet keeping the story moving, without any unnecessary subplots. (I'm looking at you Haunt.) And at its compact runtime, the film's cliché premise and delivery feel so much more forgivable. It's far from the scariest film of all time and I won't lose any sleep at night, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't have a fun time with Barricade.

The acting was good. Eric McCormack was good as the father, he was believable during most of his acting. Ryan Grantham was a little robotic with his delivery, but good for a child actor. Conner Dwelly was better, though, much more natural. The film looks good; I like the cinematography during the outdoor scenes. The music is run-of-the-mill for the genre, but it works. Director Andrew Currie does well in building some suspense and an attractive atmosphere; however, much of the horror feels like a copy-paste procedure.

Overall, Barricade is decent. It may not be the most original film around, but it's an entertaining time-killer. I had a good time watching the film despite its flaws. It's definitely worth a rental, at least, for fans of the genre.

Score: 5/10
Parental Guide: Some violence and blood.

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