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Top 10 Best Martial Arts Movies on Netflix Instant

Top 10 Best Martial Arts Movies on Netflix Instant
Martial arts movies are one of my favorite types action film. For decades, from Bruce Lee to Donnie Yen, martial arts films have been entertaining immensely – some cheesy, some serious, but all entertainment. Now, here's my list of the 10 must-watch martial arts movies on Netflix Instant. I'd also like to note, many of these are Chinese, but I tried not to limit myself to any “pure” form of martial arts.

10. The Grandmaster
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I had a lot of complaints when I reviewed The Grandmaster back in April -- maybe they were valid criticisms, as I still feel, or maybe it's a victim of hype. The film is absolutely beautiful and the action sequences are superb, but the story is too large and the details are too miniscule.

9. The Wrath of Vajra
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In order to rescue a group of kidnapped children, K-29 (Yu Xing) must fight several martial arts masters, including his ruthless rival. The story is cliché and occasionally dull, but the action is creative and adrenaline-filled.

8. Ninja 2: Shadow of a Tear
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Casey Bowman seeks vengeance in Thailand, using his masterful fighting skills and his ninja equipment to achieve his goal. A great improvement over the first film, this is an exciting sequel that takes full advantage of Scott Adkins.

7. Man of Tai Chi
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Struggling to balance his exemplary skills and moral responsibility, Tiger Chen is influenced by the wealthy and mysterious Donaka, who offers Chen a "security" job -- a job fighting in a deadly fight club. Tiger Chen may lack charisma and screen presence, but his fighting is superb, and this film gives him plenty of opportunities to show that. It has a few pitfalls and one glaring disappointment (read my review), but it's immensely entertaining.

6. Dragon
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A seemingly normal paper worker and family man, Liu Jin-xi has unusually exceptional and violent martial arts skills, which lands him in the middle of an investigation and hunt. Donnie Yen stars and directs the action in this fantastic film -- a blend of martial arts and investigative mystery. The ending is a little off, but it's definitely a must-watch film.

5. Ong-bak: The Thai Warrior
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Ting attempts to retrieve his village's Ong-Bak head as he fight and runs through clubs, streets, and caves in this amazing action film. Tony Jaa is vicious during fights and nimble during the epic stunts.

4. Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky 
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Ricky Ho finds himself in a corrupt private prison after slaughtering the drug dealer who killed his girlfriend. Ricky Ho is a different "type" of martial arts film -- this is the over-the-top ultra-gory type of martial arts... and it's ultra-entertaining.

3. Ip Man 2
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Wing Chun master Ip Man finds himself in Hong Kong, where he teaches his discipline and where he finds a foreign challenge. Donnie Yen reprises his role as the titular character and delivers the signature ferocious action the series is known for.

2. Shaolin
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Warlord Hou Jie finds refuge in a Shaolin temple after his life is shattered, and seeks the opportunity for redemption. Shaolin is an epic film with a deep story and character, and magnificent action sequences.

1. Ip Man
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Likely the most recognizable film on this list and one of the most popular martial arts films of all time, Ip Man rightfully secures the number one slot. Following the titular Wing Chun master during the Japanese invasion, Ip Man creates an icon through the ferocious action and fantastic story. Donnie Yen has been around for decades prior, but this film has solidified him as a mainstream martial arts icon among Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan.

There's my list! If I missed one of your favorites, leave it in the comment section below. Or, follow and tweet me @JonathanCA_KMR! Thanks for reading, and please share this post with your friends!

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