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Top 10 Best Korean Horror Movies

10 Must-Watch Korean Horror Movies
I've always love horror films. As a child, I loved the big hits like Scream and Halloween, and I loved the sleepers like The Relic and Faculty. (I was born in the early 90s, please don't judge my taste and crush my nostalgia!) As I grew older, though, I found my taste expanding and expanding... and expanding. I still love love those classics, and, right now, I really love Asian horror movies, especially Korean horror. So, here's my list of the 10 best Korean horror movies of all time – some of these are on Netflix Instant and Amazon Prime Instant Video, so check them out.

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10. A Blood Pledge
Read A Blood Pledge (Review) Here!
After Eon-Joo mysteriously commits suicide at an all-girls school, her friends are suspected of foul play and a haunting begins. The most accessible of the Whispering Corridors series, A Blood Pledge delivers a bloody and spooky ghosts, plenty of jump-scares and some solid suspense. If you're looking for a traditional Asian horror film with plenty of scares, this is it.

9. Killer Toon
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As murders resembling her web comics emerge, detective Lee Ki-cheol investigates cartoonist Kang Ji-yoon. A film with a creative concept, the first half of this film is excellent – filled with slick visuals, great jump-scares, and spooky atmosphere. The film does lose steam during the second half and becomes somewhat repetitive, but it still stays strong enough to finish.

8. The Doll Master
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With vibes of House on Haunted Hill, The Doll Master follows a small group of people invited to a large, spooky house for a doll-making photoshoot. The Doll Master opts for atmosphere and suspense over jump-scares – and I loved it. The film has a skin-crawling atmosphere, very creepy visuals, and a dreadful slow-burn – in a good way.

7. Bedevilled
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Frustrated, angry, and disappointed, Hae-won travels to an isolated island and is welcomed by her optimistic friend, Bok-nam. Bok-nam is treated as a slave at the island, but lives with hope. But, an devastating “accident” pushes her over the edge. Far from a traditional horror film, Bedevilled is a film that will make you extremely angry, then relish in the bloody revenge.

6. Death Bell
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A group of elite students are trapped in the school during a special program. They are forced to answer very difficult questions, or one of the captured students will suffer a horrendous death. Death Bell is creative concept with an engaging, compact story. It's not overly violent, but it offers enough to convince fans of Saw, supernatural, and general horror films to watch.

5. The Wig
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As her younger sister struggles with terminal cancer, Ji-hyeon removes Soo-hyeon from the hospital. Soo-hyeon looks and feels healthier, but has an eerie attachment to a wig. The Wig is a very sad horror film – that's probably why I like it so much. Now, I don't dwell in sadness, but I feel like the emotional story really amplified the horror in this case.

4. White: The Melody of the Curse
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A struggling girl group finds and copies an unknown song that launches them to stardom... but the song pits the girls against each other with a supernatural twist. White is a very fun horror film. This is a film that delivers jolting jump-scare after another. But, that's not it. White is also able to deliver some spine-chilling visuals and some surprisingly great suspense and tension. If you're a fan of these type of horror films, it rarely gets better than this.

3. Voice
Read Voice (Review) Here!
During the night, a singer is mysteriously killed by a music sheet at school. She awakens but can't be seen or heard by anyone at the school, except for her best friend. A fantastic blend of drama and horror, covered in a creepy atmosphere, and filled with audio and visual scares, Voice is the most complete and most terrifying installment in the Whispering Corridors series. It's one of those films that keeps you on the edge until the end, but the great story and mystery won't let you leap off.

2. A Tale of Two Sisters
Two sisters arrive home from a psychiatric hospital... only to be overwhelmed by horrific events involving the pair and their stepmother. A Tale of Two Sisters is another blend of horror and drama, and a very effective one at that. It's a chilling, atmosphere-based horror film that keeps you hooked and frightened. Try not reading so much about the film for the ultimate experience.

1. Hansel and Gretel
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A car accident leaves Eun-soo in the middle of dark forest. A young girl, Young-hee, finds him and brings him to the "House of Happy Children", where everything is not what it seems. Hansel & Gretel captures the magical feeling of a fairytale and blends it with a terrifying horror element. The story is engaging, terrifying, and even sad. The soundtrack is mesmerizing and the cinematography is absolutely beautiful. On top of that, the performances, especially from Shim Eun-kyung, are top notch.

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