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Top 10 Best Horror Remakes

Top 10 Best Horror Remakes
Horror remakes are very often bad films – many of them are absolutely terrible. (I'm looking at you A Nightmare on Elm Street.) Even worse: many of the original films that inspire these remakes don't require or warrant a remake at all – they're perfectly fine films that can live on for generations as is. But, there are at least a few horror remakes that are more than tolerable and even enjoyable. Surprising, isn’t it? Here's my list of the best horror remake movies.

10. The Grudge
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The remake of the Japanese horror film Ju-on focuses on the same concept of a grudge – when you die in a fit of rage, your spirit stays and kills anything that crosses its path. It offers some more tangible storytelling, but doesn't do much to differentiate itself from the original. It's a very fun jump-scare horror film with some spooky ghost visuals, though.

9. The Hills Have Eyes
A family becomes a target of vicious mutant people when their car breaks down in the desert. Directed by Alexandre Aja, this remake is violent and gory, and is one of the few remakes that stands near, if not higher, than the original.

8. Halloween
Working as a complete reboot to the legendary series, Rob Zombie's Halloween works as an origin story and traditional slasher focusing on the iconic Michael Myers character. Although it doesn't top the original, it's a vicious and entertaining horror remake and Rob Zombie really does make it his own.

7. The Ring
A cursed videotape causes the viewer to die in 7 days. When she and her son watch the tape, journalist Rachel races to stop the curse. Another Japanese remake, The Ring is a suspenseful slow-burn that adds on to the original, and I'd argue it matches the Japanese horror film in total horror.

6. The Last House On The Left
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Father and mother attempt to get revenge on a group of criminals who raped and left their daughter for dead -- a group of criminals they unwittingly offered shelter to during a storm. A dark and bleak story with graphic violence, The Last House On The Left is a tense and suspenseful film. It's as unforgettable as the original.

5. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
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A group of teenagers heading for a concert become the target of a cannibalistic family, including the vicious chainsaw-wielding Leatherface. Maybe it's the nostalgia, but I've always enjoyed this remake and the original. This remake is darker and bigger than the original, and offers some vicious gore and suspense.

4. Dawn of the Dead
A group of survivors seek refuge from zombies at a shopping mall. This is one of the remakes that is as good as the original. Not because it does everything better than the original, but because it helped revolutionize the zombie genre -- and it became a film distinct from the original. The fast running zombies create a ride of pure thrills and adrenaline.

3. Maniac
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Mentally disturbed Frank Zito, haunted by visions of his mother and his past, stalks the streets for his victims. This film is better than the original. It moves at a smooth pace, its story and characters are well developed, and the violence is shocking. It also uses a unique perspective that makes the film all that more distinct and shocking than the original.

2. Let Me In
The film follows Owen, a young bullied and unhappy 12-year-old boy, who befriends a young girl named Abby – a vampire. Let The Right One In is a classic film, and Let Me In does right by it. Let Me In meticulously develops its characters and their surprisingly genuine relationship, as well carefully crafts its ominous atmosphere. The climax is amazing, and the superb Chloe Grace Moretz leads a great cast in this terrifying remake.

1. The Thing
John Carpenter's The Thing is a masterfully-crafted horror film. The setting is ominous, the suspense is heart-stopping, the thrills are heart-pounding, and the film oozes with creativity. The film features some of the most iconic scenes in any horror film, particularly the brilliant blood test scene. The Thing is exactly how one should remake a film – make it your own.

Thanks for reading. Let me know what your favorite horror remakes are by leaving a comment below or tweeting me @JonathanCA_KMR. By the way, I had The Fly on the list, but decided to remove it. It's a masterpiece, no doubt, but I always look at that film as a SciFi film, not so much as a horror film.

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