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Film Review: Urban Legends: Bloody Mary (2005)

Urban Legends: Bloody Mary (Review)
United States/2005
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"...feels like a bunch of TV segments edited together for a bad, long-winded horror film."

Three high school girls unwittingly unleash the wrath of an angry spirit after chanting Bloody Mary...

Urban Legends: Bloody Mary starts during Homecoming 1969 where a girl named Mary was killed and hidden. Fast forward to the present, a similar scenario happens to Samantha (Kate Mara) and two friends, but none of them are harmed. Eventually, the jocks who played the prank on Samantha and friends are found dead one by one. So, Samantha teams up with her brother to find out what's killing them and who's next. A lackluster and inconsistent story, Bloody Mary leads to a predictable ending; not only that, but it also lacks impact.

Urban Legends: Bloody Mary doesn't offer much to its audience. It abandons the slasher elements of the two previous installments and opts for a supernatural approach, but the supernatural elements are half-baked. It never feels like a ghost story. The story has zero focus on character and consistency; it begins with three girls and quickly abandons that concept -- the other girls barely have any screen time. As a big fan of urban legends, it's a shame to say these are child's play. This film does feature the fantastic "People can lick, too" urban legend but the execution was terrible -- absolutely zero setup. On the topic of execution, the death sequences are mediocre. Worst of all, there is a severe lack of horror and suspense. Was this even a horror film?

Kate Mara delivers a good performance -- she's usually great, but she's simply good this time around. The rest of the acting screams B-movie. The film is shot competently, and I like the soundtrack; the use of music was very well done. Some of the special effects and makeup were good; unfortunately, the use of computer effects is detrimental. Director Mary Lambert is all over the place; like I said, the film has zero focus and lacks consistency -- it feels like a bunch of TV segments edited together for a bad, long-winded horror film.

Overall, Urban Legends: Bloody Mary is bad. It's not scary or suspenseful, the story is sloppy and inconsistent, and the concept is thrown into the trash. You have a plethora of classic urban legend to play with, and this film opts for the weakest of the bunch. The use of music was decent and Kate Mara tries to hold the film up, but it's simply irredeemable.

Score: 2/10
Parental Score: Strong violence and blood.

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