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Top 5 Best Korean Movie Actors

List: Top 5 Best Korean Actors
South Korea has delivered some of the greatest films of the last two decades. The Korean film industry has also spawned a plethora of superb actors. Here's my list of the five best Korean movie actors, and links to their respective film available on Netflix Instant, as well as all of their reviews on

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5. Lee Byung-hun
Lee Byung-hun on
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Lee Byung-hun is likely the most popular of the list, but finds himself at the bottom (or technically the top) of this list. I think he's fantastic, despite giving him fifth place, and he has rightfully broken out into Hollywood (not that Hollywood is the pinnacle, but you know what I mean) -- he's extremely charismatic and charming, and his performance in I Saw The Devil and A Bittersweet Life make him one of the best.

4. Ryoo Seung-bum
Ryoo Seung-bum on
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Ryoo Seung-bum has recently charged up to the to top of this lists. I think he has starred in many films from various genres and has delivered fantastic, energetic performances each time. Along with Ha Jung-woo, Seung-bum is one of the few actors who can star with legends like Choi Min-sik without being outshined. If he keeps this up, Seung-bum may be competing with Song Kang-ho for the number one spot, especially since they both share that same energy.

3. Ha Jung-woo
Ha Jung-woo on
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Ha Jung-woo may still be up-and-coming, but it's undeniable: this superb actor knows how to pick his roles. The incredible Jung-woo has starred and commanded a number of Korean classics including The Chaser, The Yellow Sea, and, more recently, The Terror Live; he's also stood his own with Choi Min-sik in Nameless Gangster.

2. Choi Min-sik
Choi Min-sik on
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Choi Min-sik delivers versatile and genuine performances, especially early on in his career -- it's almost impossible to find an actor as human as Min-sik. Oldboy made him an instant legend, and films like Crying Fist, New World, and Nameless Gangster further solidify his position on this list.

1. Song Kang-ho
Song Kang-ho on
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Song Kang-ho is my personal favorite actor from South Korea. He's incredibly versatile and genuine in each of his performances. The sheer amount of energy and originality he brings on screen is impressive. He's laugh out loud hilarious in The Quiet Family, brilliant in Memories of Murder, and magnificent in The Face Reader -- and that's just a fraction of his work.

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