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Top 10 Best Korean Comedies

Top 10 Best Korean Comedy Movies 
I'll be honest: I've never been a big fan of comedies. In fact, I've reviewed less than 20 on this site in over a year! However, I recently started watching foreign comedies, particularly Korean comedies. The mixture of cheeky, bizarre, quirky, and often black comedy is exactly type of film. So, here's my list of the best Korean comedies – many of these films are available on Netflix Instant and Amazon Prime, too! 

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10. Over My Dead Body 
A mixture of comedy and crime film, Over My Dead Body follows a trip of quirky characters as they kidnap the dead body of a wealthy and cold-blooded pharmaceutical head. Neither aspect reaches fully potential, but I laughed plenty of times during the film. Ryoo Seung-bum delivers a show-stealing performance. 

9. The Righteous Thief 
Hong Mu-Hyeok and his family are thieves who steal from the rich and help the poor. Their target, Jeong-Min, is bizarre and quirky, but Mu-hyeok's girlfriend Song Hyeon-Hwa, played by Lee Si-young, steals the show with her hilarity. 

8. Dancing Queen 
Jung-hwa has dreamed of becoming a singer her whole life, but her husband's dreams and strong potential as Mayor may stop her... unless, she disguises herself. Dancing Queen is a by-the-books comedy/drama; however, it's also a very positive and lighthearted comedy with genuine humor.  

7. Baby and Me
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 Rebellious high school student Han Joon-soo's life is flipped upside down when he's left with a baby and a note claiming he's the father. Baby and Me is a hilarious comedy with genuine, unique humor and some very charismatic characters -- it does lose some humor towards the end, though. (Baby and Me received a slightly lower score than Dancing Queen, but I think Baby and Me is the better comedy, while Dancing Queen is better as a complete package.)

6. Dachimawa Lee 
Super spy Dachimawa Lee is off another secretive assignment that will require his incredible kung-fu skills and an array of gadgets. The slapstick, quirky, and bizarre humor are great, and Ryoo Seung-bum once again steals the show with a hilarious performance. (Again, although I rated Dachimawa Lee lower than Dancing Queen, I do think Dachimawa Lee is a better comedy than Dancing Queen, but Dancing Queen is a more balanced film.) 

5. Penny Pinchers 
Ji-Woong, jobless and carefree, teams up with Hong-Sil, his thrifty neighbor, to make some money. A romantic comedy if I've seen one, with great chemistry and wonderful humor – and this is coming form someone who usually dislikes romantic comedies. 

4. To Catch A Virgin Ghost 
When their diamonds are stolen, Yang-e and his gang track them to a remote village where not everything is what it seems. To Catch A Virgin Ghost is a hilarious genre-bender, solely aiming to entertain through its black and lighthearted humor. 

3. The Quiet Family 
A family moves into a large home, which they convert into a lodge, in the mountains. Business eventually shows up, but their guests end up dying mysterious deaths. The Quiet Family is a brilliantly written black comedy featuring hilarious performances from two big stars – Choi Min-sik and Song Kang-ho. 

2. Chawz 
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Officer Sun-kyeong is transferred to a quiet, crime-less village. All is well until a giant man-eating boar shows up to terrorize the village. A fantastic horror-comedy hybrid, Chawz is a bizarre and quirky laugh-out-loud comedy. 

1. See You After School 
Goong-dahl is deemed the unluckiest man alive. He returns to class after some extensive scientific training, but he's still as unlucky as ever. This is the definition of quirky comedy. I laughed from beginning to end – I mean, literal outbursts of laughter. Bong Tae-gyu is hilarious as the lead, capturing a certain quirky charisma.  
Thanks for reading! Let me know your favorite Korean comedies in the comment section below or tweet them to me @JonathanCA_KMR 

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