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Top 10 Best Horror Anthologies

List: Top 10 Best Horror Anthology Films
For those of you who don't know, a horror anthology is a collection of stories with a horror theme. Sometimes the stories interlink, sometimes they're completely different. Sometimes the stories are accompanied by a frame story, sometimes they're creatively told as one. Regardless, horror anthologies aim to entertain offering plenty of variety and pure horror bliss. So, here's my list of the best horror anthologies – as usual, you can find many of these on Netflix Instant.

10. Bangkok Haunted
Read Bangkok Haunted (Review) Here!
Three young women at a bar share three stories of love, sex, and mystery. A Thailand horror anthology, Bangkok Haunted is an entertaining supernatural-themed film. Like I said in my review, there is one great story, one good story, and one mediocre story. Not the scariest anthology, but that's why its at tenth on the list.

9. Tales from the Darkside
A housewife prepares to cook a little boy for dinner. To buy some time, the little boy tells her several Tales from the Darkside. The stories include Lot 249, which is about a mummy brought to life for revenge, Cat From Hell, which is a story about a killer cat, and Lover's Vow, which is about a man who has to hold a terrible secret about a demonic creature. The first story isn't scary, but the second and third deliver the scares, entertainment, and originality you crave from a horror anthology.

8. Creepshow
Directed by George A. Romero and written by Stephen King, Creepshow tells five tales of vicious creatures, a plethora of cockroaches, animated corpses and more. Creepshow oozes with diversity and style – it's likely the most recognized anthology on this list thanks to its iconic stories. If the legendary pare aforementioned isn't enough to sway you, then at least watch “They're Creeping Up on You!” and see if it changes your mind...

7. Twilight Zone: The Movie
Twilight Zone: The Movie is often overlooked, but it's one of my favorites. The prologue is a classic on its own; “Nightmare at 20,000 Feet” will spook those afraid of flying, bad weather, and creatures; “It's a Good Life” is a surreal and bizarre trip into a young boy's fantasy. The two other stories are also great. All in all, this is a very memorable horror anthology, and a great film for fans of the fantastic and legendary series.

6. V/H/S
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A refreshing take on both the found-footage and anthology subgenres, V/H/S tells 5 horror stories with unique perspectives. The frame story is spooky, “Amateur Night” is told uniquely through a camera installed in a pair of glasses and features a terrifying story of a succubus, “Second Honeymoon” has Ti West directing his signature slow-burn, throwback style of horror, another story is told through a webcam chat, and the final story is a fun thrill-ride. There is one dud in the bunch, though. Regardless, it's a fantastic film.

5. V/H/S/2
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V/H/S/2 uses the same formula of the first installment but amplifies the horror and adds a pinch of diversity. This installment features more than a few hauntings, such as zombies, cults, and aliens. I think this installment is better thanks to the variety it adds; it also shortens the runtime of the first film, but adds even more terror, which is great.

4. Three... Extremes
Three... Extremes blends horror from Hong Kong, South Korea, and Japan for an extreme vision of terror. Dumplings is a great standout segment, and an even better standalone film. Director Park Chan-wook delivers a sadistic tale of suspense and torture. And, Takashi Miike crafts a bizarre, unique vision with a shocking ending. If you're a fan of Asian horror and anthologies, you definitely do not want to miss this.

3. Tales From The Hood
Maybe it's the nostalgia, but Tales From The Hood is arguably one of the best horror anthologies of all time – which is why it's at number three. The film's story are told by a creepy funeral director, including stories of rouge, racist cops, a monster in the closet, a racist Southern senator and a few killer dolls, and a vicious gangster put through some terrifying psychological tests. Each story has a pinch of social commentary, but the terror is definitely there.

2. Phobia 2
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A young teenage criminal seeks refugee as a Buddhist novice, but karma comes back to haunt him. A biker shares a room with a brain dead patient at a hospital, but he may not be as brain dead as initially thought. Japanese backpackers find themselves caught in a human trafficking scandal, where the humans turn into zombies. A car dealer loses her son in a used car dealership, but there are more than cars present. And, finally, a pinch of humor is added with a mock sequel to Alone. Phobia 2 is fun, creative, and exciting – it's a refreshing, versatile experience offering pure terror for fans of every type of horror.

1. Trick R' Treat
Read Trick R' Treat (Review) Here!
The greatest horror anthology of all time. A masterpiece of horror and my personal Halloween tradition. Trick R' Treat tells 4 stories of eccentric town principal, a school bus massacre, a surprise party, and tops of the anthology with Sam – the orange footsie pajama trick-or-treater with a sack over his head – who is present in every story, as well. The most unique aspect of Trick R' Treat is it creative, interlinking storytelling. That, and its fun and horrifying stories make this a favorite.

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