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Top 10 Best Found Footage Horror Movies

List: Top 10 Best Found Footage Horror Movies
I'm not the biggest fan of found footage horror films. It started off as a fresh, creepy concept back when Paranormal Activity revitalized the style, but it has become tired and unoriginal since then. I've reviewed recent found footage horror films like Hollow, The Devil's Pass, and A Night In The Woods, and I can't say I'm impressed. But, there are some gems hidden among the heaps of trash – and fortunately for you, I'm willing to dig through the dumpsters. Here's my list of the best found footage horror movies – some of these are even available on Amazon Prime and Netflix Instant Streaming!

10. The Frankenstein Theory
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A documentary teams enters the Arctic Circle to prove the Frankenstein novel is a work of nonfiction. This is one of those horror films where the story holds up the film instead of the scares. There are some great scenes, a few ominous frights, but it's nothing we haven't seen before. But, I do love the originality of the plot.

9. The Blair Witch Project
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A group of young filmmakers enter the woods to document the legendary haunting of the Blair Witch. Arguably the original found-footage horror film, The Blair Witch Project is a film that plays on the less you see, the more frightening it is... or should be. I don't find it particularly frightening, but I definitely find it entertaining.

8. Apartment 143
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A team of parapsychologist visit a widower and his family who seem to be haunted by a malicious entity. Apartment 143 skips the introduction filler and jumps right in Рno clich̩ character development, no small-time door closing and pots falling Рit takes you right into the haunting, and I really like that. It's not completely original, but I really enjoy how fast it moves and how it removed most filler...

7. Grave Encounters
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Grave Encounters the crew of a paranormal reality show as they lock themselves in a supposedly haunted psychiatric hospital. I love the honest parody of the many ghost hunter shows on TV, it has more than a handful of genuine shockers, and the setting is fantastic.

6. The Bay
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A documentary-style found-footage horror film following a reporter who was at the scene of an epidemic in the Chesapeake Bay. This is a bit more of an original take on found-footage, offering both great jump-scares and some vicious gore. It's very well-paced and a great change of scenery for the genre.

5. Frankenstein's Army
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Frankenstein's Army follows a group of Russian soldiers as they stumble upon a village that harbors a secret lab. In this secret lab, the group find terrifying creatures build from the parts of fallen soldiers and metal. Far from your traditional found-footage horror movie, Frankenstein's Army is a creative and visually impressive horror film; the creatures, especially the makeup and costume, are the highlight for this unique entry in the sub-genre.

4. Paranormal Activity
The original Paranormal Activity is my favorite installment of the series. It brought the audience into a home that reflected theirs, and it focuses on a “realistic” haunting. It proved you didn't have to believe in ghosts to be afraid of your own home. Although not without flaws, Paranormal Activity is rightfully an iconic horror film, and the poster child for the found-footage sub-genre.

3. [Rec] 2
A direct sequel to the original classic, [Rec] 2 continues to follow the terrifying crisis within a quarantined apartment building. [Rec] 2 is widely considered as the “Aliens” of the franchise. It keeps many of the horror aspects of the original, but also increases the scale of the film. [Rec] 2 is still very frightening, but focuses more on the thrills and adrenaline-rush than its predecessor.

2. V/H/S/2
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I loved the original V/H/S, but this sequel definitely outdoes it. It's bigger, badder, and more versatile than the first film, featuring a blend of everything scary – jump-scares, spooky visuals, ominous cults, and aliens. The segment Safe Haven is worth the price of admission alone! Considering we received so many mindless horror sequels, I wouldn't mind a yearly installment of V/H/S thanks to the variety it brings to the table. (By the way, considering I already have a pair of sequels taking up this list, I decided not to include the original V/H/S. It's a great film, though.)

1. [Rec]
A young reporter and her cameraman are shooting a documentary/report on firemen. While shooting, they end up at an apartment complex on a call, and that apartment is quickly quarantined, locking with a deadly, contagious virus... [Rec] is not only one of my favorite found-footage horror movies, but I also think it's one of the greatest horror films of all time. It builds up an ominous atmosphere, and delivers chilling moment after chilling moment. It's the perfect blend of pure-breed horror and adrenaline.

Thanks for reading! What are your favorite found footage horror movies? If it missed the list, let me know and I'll check it out. (I know, I know, but I haven't seen Noroi yet. I'm still trying to get my hands on a legitimate version.) And, please share this post with your friends on your favorite social media sites, like Facebook, Twitter, and all that other good stuff. (You can use the icons in the gray rectangle below)
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  1. A weird list, I've been scrolling around the internet to make my own list (here is the link if you are interest:, and I've never seen The Frankenstein Theory and Apartment 143 in them. You liked those better than Cloverfield or The Rise of Leslie Vernon? Anyway, I respect your taste, no problem, just wondering...

    1. Thanks for reading. I didn't really like Cloverfield when it first released, but I haven't seen it since then -- maybe I should watch it again. As for The Rise of Leslie Vernon, you're right, it's a great film. It slipped through the cracks on this list.