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Film Review: The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)

The Wolf of Wall Street (Review)
United States/2013
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"The funniest movie of 2013..."

The story of Jordan Belfort (Leonardo DiCaprio), a young New York stockbroker, who starts his own firm as a result of Black Monday...

The Wolf of Wall Street continues to follow Jordan Belfort and his new partner Donnie (Jonah Hill) as they start Stratton Oakmont, their own firm. Of course, Jordan and his partners adopt a life of debauchery – a life full of sex, drugs, cursing, and deception – and make tons and tons of money. And, the moral standards of their firm aren't very high. This, in turn, leads to criminal activities within the firm and the FBI barking up their money tree. The plot goes over every major point of Jordan's life, but I'll leave it at that so I don't run this review for too long. Anyway, I thought the conclusion was similar to another Scorsese flick, and I really enjoyed it.

The Wolf of Wall Street is a black comedy – an epic, crime-ridden black comedy. The film had me laughing out loud, and I don't think I every stopped smiling – maybe for a brief moment during the third act, but most of the film is pure hilarity. But, if you're not a fan of black comedies or you're easily offended, this film might turn you off. The humor is very dark and often subtle, and the film is often very gratuitous with its use of sex, drug use, and language; it's easily one of the most raunchy and vulgar comedies out. The story was also insightful – gives a great look at the world's largest crime syndicate. (that's not a fact, but, you know.) The Wolf of Wall Street runs at a gigantic three hours which may take you back a bit – it's a lot of time to invest, I know, but I think the story offers more than enough to justify the run time. Even better, the pacing is very well balanced which makes the run time a bit more forgiving.

Leonardo DiCaprio is fantastic as Jordan Belfort. DiCaprio's performance is full of energy and life, and it's even a bit on the daring side, like the rest of the film. Jonah Hill delivers his most impressive performance to date – he's become very versatile, and he's genuinely humorous. Matthew McConaughey has a very small role, but he's as charismatic as ever. In fact, the entire cast was superb. The film is shot beautifully. As usual for a Scorsese film, the music is fantastic and blends seamlessly with the film to create a vibrant world. There were quite a few continuity errors, but not nearly enough to really be detrimental to the experience. The writing is brilliant, and Martin Scorsese's direction is still superb.

Overall, The Wolf of Wall Street is a masterpiece. The comedy is very dark and some audiences will find it offensive, but I thought it was brilliant – I couldn't stop laughing. The funniest movie of 2013, and probably the most entertaining film of the year. Don't let the run time scare you off, The Wolf of Wall Street is a must-watch.

Score: 10/10
Parental Guide: Some violence and blood, excessive language, drug use, nudity, and sex.

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