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Film Review: Here Comes The Devil (2012)

Here Comes The Devil (Review)
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"...enters some very taboo territory..."

While on a small trip, a married couple lose their children over a hill. They eventually return safely, but everything is not what it seems...

Here Comes The Devil has a rough start. It moves slowly with a gratuitous sex scene after another until the children get lost in a desolate hillside. Eventually, the children return and the parents try to find out what happened to them that night. The children act odd and erratically, and circumstantial evidence leads the parents to believe something horrific may have happened on the hillside, and they begin to track the perpetrator. But, as Sol (Laura Caro), the mother, gets deeper and deeper into the mystery, she begins to believe something much more sinister and paranormal has occurred. The ending leaves a few questions unanswered; it's open to interpretation, which may frustrate some viewers, but I liked it quite a bit.

Here Comes The Devil is a very daring horror film. It feels like a throwback to some classic horror films due to its execution and subject-matter. On that note, the film enters some very taboo territory, so be warned. Anyway, this isn't a traditional possession film as the title may imply. It works on a very psychological level thanks to its focus on character, drama, atmosphere, and suspense. The story really kept me hooked, I really wanted to know where it was headed. On top of all that, the film as a whole, not just the ending, is really open to interpretation. Sure, it may have a definitive meaning, but the subtle and blatant symbolism are definitely worthy of discussion. I was disappointed in the introduction, there were a few pacing issues, and some of the directional choices, like the constant zooming and the flashing montage, weren't my cup of Joe.

The acting was great. Laura Caro is great, a demanding and versatile performance. The child cast was kinda cold and unenergetic, but that's what they were supposed to be I suppose -- they don't really get a chance to shine, either. I liked the cinematography, but I didn't like some of the editing; I'm not a fan of flashing scenes, and this film has a long one -- I feel it's unnecessary and even a health hazard for some viewers. There's one really gory scene that gorehounds will love, definitely a throwback to Italian horror. Writer and director Adrián García Bogliano crafts an ominous and symbolic horror film; it could use some fine-tuning, but it's a very daring and horrifying entry in the horror genre, regardless.

Overall, Here Comes The Devil is a very good horror film. I'm a sucker for atmospheric and suspenseful horror film, and this film delivers. The introduction was mediocre and it occasionally loses momentum, but it's ultimately a memorable flick.

Score: 7/10
Parental Guide: Strong violence and gore, graphic sex and nudity.

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