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Film Review: Forget Me Not (2009)

Forget Me Not (Review)
United States/2009
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"...fortunately, the horror is consistent during the second and third act."

Sandy (Carly Schroeder), her brother Eli (Cody Linley), and their group of friends play a game of ghost tag at a graveyard, where they run into a mysterious girl...

Forget Me Not continues to follow this group of friends as they are unwittingly terrorized by a person of their past. However, as each one gets picked off, they're also erased from the memories of their friends and loved ones. The only person that actually remembers them is Sandy, so the rest of the group continue with their lives completely forgetting about their lost friend. This makes characters like Eli think Sandy is crazy, while becoming vulnerable to the past. A very interesting and surprisingly creative concept. Forget Me Not leads to a decent ending; it's a sinister ending, but it really wasn't all to effective.

The unbelievably generic and stupid characters are the biggest flaw of Forget Me Not. These characters are exactly what you'd expect from a B-movie horror film: the douchebag, party-hard characters that are so edgy and cool. They're not likable, and they're not distinct for the genre. Furthermore, there far from the brightest characters out there. "Oh God, I'm being chased by some monsters, should I run towards my friends who are around the corner or into the woods? I guess I'll go into the woods." Except for the stupidity, their atrocious characteristics are most evident during the introduction. Fortunately, the film doesn't fail in the horror department. There are some great scenes with actual suspense, there are a few effective jump-scares, and I really enjoyed the unique visuals; and, fortunately, the horror is consistent during the second and third act.

Carly Schroeder does well as a partying teenager, but she overacts a bit when the role becomes demanding. Cody Linley had some great energy and charisma, though. The rest of the cast play their roles well, but that's not saying much since the characters aren't demanding. The film is shot competently, nothing bad or exceptional. The music was a little overwhelming for a horror film; it sounded like it wanted to be a rock-and-roll/ominous hybrid score, but it failed -- it never felt eerie or spooky. Writer and director Tyler Oliver has an interesting concept and crafts some scary scenes well, but lacks decent characters and consistency.

Overall, I liked Forget Me Not. It's a decent horror film. I really enjoyed the concept, the horror is there, at least, and the visuals are great. But, the characters are so bland, generic, and irrational, it really hinders what could've been a unique experience.

Score: 5/10
Parental Guide: Some violence and blood, some sex and sexual reference, and some drug use.

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  1. I particularly liked the film, though for the scene where the chick ran into the woods, the ghosts were seen between her and the others, and in the woods, but I'll agree that going into the woods wasnt her smartest choice.

    Though as for the characters being generic, in the genre, please name 10 characters that do not fit into this category, bonus points if said characters are all recently graduating from high-school.
    Scream, a movie which is possibly one of the most popular of all time, has a horror movie buff who fails to recognize any of the horror movie tropes she gets caught with, and the cast is even more bland and generic.