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Top 10 Best Japanese Movies on Netflix Instant

Top 10 Best Japanese Movies on Netflix Instant
I've only recently started getting deeply into the Japanese film industry, maybe the past year or two. Sure, I've seen dozens of Japanese anime movies (I like to think of myself as one of the first to celebrate #MiyazakiMondays) and plenty of Japanese horror films, but I really hadn't seen what Japan really had to offer. As usual, I have to thank Netflix for helping in breaking another barrier, and now I want to help you. Here's my list of the best Japanese movies on Netflix Instant.

10. Ju-on: The Grudge
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Likely the most iconic horror film from Japan and the most recognized name on this list, Ju-on: The Grudge follows a set of characters who are cursed after entering a grudged house. The storytelling is sloppy, but the film delivers terror in so many ways, including a barrage of jump-scares, creepy visuals, and eerie sounds.

9. Time Traveller
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Akari must go back in time to 1972 in order to wake her mother from a coma, but lands in 1974 instead. Time Traveller is a very fun and adventurous SciFi film, and it's also very positive and lighthearted.

8. Beyond Outrage
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A war is being instigated between the East's and West's strongest crime syndicates. Beat Takeshi's sequel just barely topples the original, in my opinion, with a very engaging Yakuza plot, and some very creative violence.

7. When The Last Sword is Drawn
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When The Last Sword is Drawn is a character-drive samurai drama. It follows the rivalry between the cold and heartless Saitō Hajime and the shameless but skillful Yoshimura Kanichiro. Thanks to the focus on character, this epic samurai drama becomes a very effective film.

6. Cold Fish
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After his daughter is caught stealing, tropical fish shop owner Nobuyuki Syamoto meets Murata, who is in the same trade. However, Murata and his wife share some very bloody secrets. Blending some disturbing serial killer violence and some very dark humor, Cold Fish becomes a very entertaining and unforgettable film. 

5. Tokyo Godfathers
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Tokyo Godfathers follows three homeless people who find a baby in the garbage and decided to find its birth mother. Tokyo Godfathers wasn't what I expected from an anime movie, but I still found it to be extremely entertaining and very compelling -- it has very strong themes of family and hope, and more, that I think anyone can appreciate.

4. Hara-kiri
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After requesting sacrificial suicide at the house of a powerful lord, Hanshiro is told the cautionary tale of the last man who requested a "bluff suicide". I haven't seen the original, although I plan to, but Takashi Miike still masterfully crafts a beautiful samurai tale.

3. Battle Royale
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Probably the most well-known on this list, Battle Royale follows a group of students who are forced by their government to kill each other. Battle Royale has a creative concept and slick execution, and it's a film worthy of discussion for more reasons than one.

2. 13 Assassins
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Takashi Miike delivers an epic film following Shimada Shinzaemon as he gathers a elite group of assassins to stop the sadistic brother of the Shogun from gaining higher political power. The climax is unforgettable, and the slow-burn leading to it... is pure satisfaction.

1. Departures
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After his orchestra is disbanded, fate leads Daigo towards a new career as a mortician. Departures is a beautiful tribute to life and death, as well as family, and a deeply yet subtly insightful film about Japanese culture.

Thanks for reading. If it missed the list, it either was eliminated to keep the list varied or I haven't seen it. Let me know your favorites in the comment section below. Or tweet them to me @JonathanCA_KMR

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