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Film Review: Wishmaster 3: Beyond The Gates of Hell (2001)

Wishmaster 3: Beyond The Gates of Hell (Review)
United States/2001
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" suspense, no jump-scares, and barely any gore."

College student Diana Collins (A.J. Cook) unwittingly unleashes the evil Djinn, who takes the body of her professor, Barash (Jason Connery), to wreck havoc and unleash hell on Earth...

Wishmaster 3: Beyond The Gates of Hell is practically the same as the last two films. The evil Djinn is once again unleashed, and, in order to unleash hell on Earth, he must get the person who summoned him to make three wishes. (In the second film, he also had to gather 1001 souls, but I guess that doesn't matter anymore?) Anyway, Diana Collins runs around campus telling her friends about the Djinn and studying and having those visions of death... you know, the same thing that happened in the last two films. However, this story becomes much cheesier towards the third act when Diana summons Saint Michael the Archangel to fight for her (and, he has that "cool voice" from that Jake and Amir Episode.) The ending was quick, ridiculous, and terrible -- the worst of the series so far.

Wishmaster 3: Beyond The Gates of Hell is a waste of time, especially if you've seen the first two installments -- in fact, it's even a waste of time if you've only seen the first film. This movie tells the same story, but replaces the characters and settings. The lead character is still bland and boring, due to both the writing and performance; the setting had potential, but it's completely ignored. Unlike the second film, this film has little comedy -- a few attempts at "witty" one-liners that fall flat, but it never tries to be as funny as the second installment did. And, unlike the second film, Wishmaster 3 lacks every single factor of horror possible -- no suspense, no jump-scares, and barely any gore. There are two death sequences that were decent, but the rest were terrible. And, the final act is unbearably cheesy, cringe-worthy Direct-to-TV, SciFi-channel-a-few-years-ago bad. Come on, there's a high speed chase ripped from Terminator 2, a battle between the Djinn and Saint Michael, and a few explosions.

A.J. Cook is bad whenever the role demanded more than a boring blonde student -- she's probably the most tolerable lead so far in the series, but she's still bad. Jason Connery lacks screen presence and charisma for the role, as well. The rest of the cast is equally mediocre. The music is bad, it doesn't match the horror mood at all -- which might've been done purposefully since the film lacks horror to begin with. The special effects are mediocre -- vomiting blood is basically the worst the film gets. The Wishmaster appears in his true form only for a few minutes -- he looks and sounds more like an alien than a demon, which is bad. Director Chris Angel really doesn't direct anything as there is a severe lack of efficient direction -- the acting is bad, the concept is poorly executed due to the story being a mess, and there is zero horror to be found -- what was he doing?

Overall, Wishmaster 3: Beyond The Gates of Hell is the worst film in the series so far. It's the same tired concept that once glowed with originality but butchered by an incompetent filmmaker and studio. Aside from two death sequences and my love for the concept, this film offers absolutely nothing redeeming -- no entertainment and no horror or gore. If you've seen the first two, or even if you've only seen the great first film, I'd recommend staying far away from Beyond The Gates of Hell.

Score: 2/10
Parental Guide: Some strong violence and blood, some gore, some nudity.

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