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Top 10 Best Chinese Crime Films

The crime genre has delivered some of the best films of all time – The Godfather trilogy, Scarface, Se7en, The Silence of the Lambs, and so much more. But, as so much of the world seems to be winding down, China continues to capitalize the genre with hit after hit after hit – Hard Boiled, Infernal Affairs, and Election just to name a few. So, here's my list of my all-time favorite Chinese crime films; whether they be Cantonese or Mandarin, oldies or newbies, these are the very best. (As usual, I haven't seen every film in the genre, but more than enough to justify a list. If you're favorites don't make it, I either haven't watched, forgot it, or didn’t like it as much as these.)

10. On The Edge
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The first of many on the list, On The Edge is a undercover thriller. But, instead of focusing on the cop's undercover duties, On The Edge focuses on the aftermath of his duties when he returns to work. His fellow cops don't trust him, and he may not be able to shake off his criminal ties...

9. Flashpoint
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Donnie Yen makes an appearance on this list with the mixed martial arts action flick Flashpoint. The story is interesting and captivating, but the vicious action choreography steals the show.

8. Cold War
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Aaron Kwok stars in Cold War, a film about loyalty, betrayal, and conspiracy within the Hong Kong police. Although it often moves too fast and it can be overly complicated, the patient will be rewarded with a fascinating and suspenseful story.

7. Breaking News
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Johnnie To directs this action-packed and surprisingly meaningful crime film about the police, and the criminal they sought, manipulating the media for their benefit. A battle of wits and guns, Breaking News is unique and entertaining.

6. Punished
Anthony Wong steals the show in this vicious revenge-crime thriller. Punished has action, drama, and raw emotion with a stellar performance from Wong, and it never lets loose. A little different from the typical crime thriller, but that's more reason to enjoy.

5. The White Storm
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The White Storm is another undercover cop film blending elements of brotherhood into the mix. The White Storm sees a Hong Kong narcotics team tracking an infamous drug war lord. What we get is a suspenseful, action-packed film in the vain of Hard Boiled.

4. Election & Triad Election
Election and Triad Election share a slot; not only to make room for one more film, but to also signify how important it is to watch both films – you can't watch one without the other. These two films offer an insightful and darkly entertaining look into the triads, much like The Godfather's look into the mafia.

3. Hard Boiled
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The original action extravaganza, Hard Boiled is an action-packed, stylish shoot em' up with innovative and explosive action sequences around every corner. It has it's fair shares of clichés, but it's unstoppable force of action, regardless.

2. The Stool Pigeon
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The Stool Pigeon is a mixture of Infernal Affairs, Heat, and a pinch of Fast and Furious. It's a suspenseful undercover film with thrilling action and chase sequences and breathtaking climax.

1. Infernal Affairs 
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The film that inspired The Departed, Infernal Affairs is an incredibly engaging and stupendously suspenseful undercover cop thriller. Every scene is masterfully crafted for maximum effectiveness. It's short runtime, fast pace, and deep story make this a fantastic time-killer.

What are your favorite Chinese crime films? Leave a comment and let me know, I'm always looking for something to watch. And, if you like this list, please share it on Facebook, Twitter, and all that social media stuff. (click the button in the gray rectangle below.)

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