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Top 10 Best South Korean Movies on Amazon Prime Streaming

I made a list a couple of weeks ago of the Best South Korean films available on Netflix Streaming. This is more of the same, but these films will be found on Amazon Prime. As you probably know, your Amazon Prime membership gives you access to thousands of movies and shows to stream, and there are plenty of amazing South Korean movies available on Amazon Prime. I'll try to give this list some originality and identity by choosing some lesser-known titles, as well, and some of the big hits.

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10. The Mafia, the Salesman
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Not a masterpiece by any means, The Mafia, the Salesman still offers some lighthearted and black comedy with plenty of quirky and bizarre characters. Perfect for alternative comedy lovers, and perfect for a night in.

9. Missing
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Missing is a brutal and tense thriller with a chilling ending. Featuring a sinister performance from Moon Sung-geun, and graphic torture and violence, Missing really leaves a mark.

8. Be With Me
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Be With Me is a horror anthology with three stories held together by one frame story. Although I didn't enjoy the frame too much, this horror anthology has plenty of variety and creativity, as well as plenty of scares and some humor.

7. To Catch A Virgin Ghost
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Bizarre and quirky, To Catch A Virgin Ghost is a wild comedy with horror elements. This film is absolutely hilarious with its quirky alternative comedy and lovable cast of characters.

6. The Doll Master
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The Doll Master is a very creepy film. The film uses vintage dolls with lifelike features to send chills down your spine, along with some great slow-burn suspense and a few jolting jump-scares. If you hated your grandparents' vintage dolls, you'll be in for terrifying treat!

5. Friend
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Friend may seem like a familiar concept, but it is executed masterfully. The tale of childhood friends who take different paths throughout life only to become enemies. I recommend watching this now as the sequel has just recently released.

4. A Little Pond
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Opposite of Welcome to Dongmakgol, A Little Pond aims to inform through a dramatic retelling of an atrocious incident during the Korean War.

3. Crying Fist
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A spectacular sport film, Crying Fist delivers in the emotional and action departments tenfold. It also features a magnificent performance from Choi Min-sik, one of my personal favorites and I think he'll be one of yours soon, too!

2. Welcome to Dongmakgol
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Inspiring and meaningful, Welcome to Dongmakgol blends hilarious light-hearted comedy with a war background and proudly proclaims love for each other, regardless of color, birthplace, etc.

1. Unbowed
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Unbowed is an incredibly engaging and informative courtroom drama based on real events. The movie moves at a ferocious pace, features great tension, suspense, and drama, and two amazing lead performances.

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