Friday, February 21, 2014

Top 10 Best Chinese Movies on Netflix

China and Hong Kong. Mandarin and Cantonese. I understand they aren't exactly the same, but for the sake of listing and to avoid arguing semantics, let's just treat them as one. Anyway, China has delivered a fair share of masterpieces over the last decade, and throughout history, and some can be found on Netflix Streaming. From the best crime thrillers -- a real specialty in China -- to action-packed martial arts extravaganzas, China delivers on every count. Here's a list of my favorite Chinese movies on Netflix Streaming.

Oh, and again, I try to keep these lists original. You've probably been searching for the best films of this region because you've watched some amazing or popular films from said region, like Ip Man or Ip Man 2, so there is no point in me listing them again. I'll try to focus on some films you might've missed. Let's get started:

10. The Sorcerer and the White Snake
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This is a fast-paced and highly-entertaining action film with a welcomed performance from Jet Li. Stylistically, the film reminds me of a live-action anime -- and that's a good thing.

9. Saving General Yang
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Although it's lacking a bit in story, Saving General Yang delivers magnificent action sequences and creates a wonderful world. It also moves at a ferocious pace!

8. Dumplings
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Dumplings, despite a few flaws, has an unforgettable story/concept -- a truly skin-crawling, disturbing tale. I wouldn't classify it as a pure horror film, I'd rather call it a terrifying drama.

7. Dream Home
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Like Dumplings before it, Dream Home is a disturbing horror film amplified by it's insane gore and visuals. One of the most shocking slasher film in recent memory. Although it won't be for everyone, especially not the squeamish, Dream Home is a must-watch for fans of the genre.

6. Ocean Heaven
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Jet Li's second appearance on the list, Ocean Heaven offers a power narrative focusing on life, death, and family. This isn't an action film, but Jet Li and his costars manage to shine like the ocean.

5. Drug War
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Drug War is an suspenseful, epic crime film from genre master Johnnie To. The film features spectacular gunfights, and a very focused story. In fact, most of the suspense is built from suspense, which is a great accomplishment.

4. Aftershock
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Aftershock is much more than your average disaster flick. This tear-jerking, all-too-real drama starts off with a devastating earthquake, and a tragedy that lasts a lifetime.

3. City of Life and Death
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It's an emotionally riveting, very insightful, and authentic account of the horrific Nanking Massacre. It's an aesthetically beautiful film of a genuinely disturbing subject.

2. Floating City
Read Floating City (Review) Here!
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Floating City is a powerful drama of a man's come-up by triumphing over discrimination and poverty -- aesthetically beautiful with an equally elegant narrative. Aaron Kwok delivers an amazing performance as the leading man.

1. The Stool Pigeon
Read The Stool Pigeon (Review) Here!
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The Stool Pigeon is a fantastic crime thriller. A masterpiece from Dante Lam. I like to think of it as a mixture of Infernal Affairs and Heat with a pinch of The Fast and the Furious.

Well, there you have it! A list of my favorite Chinese films on Netflix. I highly recommend all of these films. And, remember, some films were purposefully omitted, such as Ip Man, to keep the list fresh and original. Leave a comment with some of your favorites, and please share this post with your friends on Twitter, Facebook, or whatever you like to use. (the share buttons are in the gray rectangle below.)


  1. Cantonese and Mandarin is day and night! If it's Cantonese, I can listen while working. If it's Manadarin, I have to read all the subtitles to know what they're saying. Why make a list of "Chinese" movies without saying what language it's spoken in? The only point is if I want to pick movies based on race rather than hearing something I understand.

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