Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Film Review: The Sisters (2004)

The Sisters (aka Pee chong air) (Review)
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"...a bland, bloated story ... suffers from poor storytelling..."

A group of young musicians check into a hotel outside of Bangkok only to find themselves cursed by a prostitute who died a brutal death in their hotel room...

The Sisters, a Thailand horror movie, continues with its basic plot as this group attempts to stay alive and get rid of the curse. It proves to be harder when things just don't seem to go their way, and they end up learning more about the victim who's possibly haunting them. There aren't many surprises regarding the victim/ghost and her story, unfortunately, and the story continues to follow a repetitive formula, regardless. Also, the story feels light yet bloated -- it's uneventful and too long. The Sisters leads to a predictable, unsatisfying ending. The monologue during the credits, however, is touching and somewhat redeeming.

The Sisters has a repetitive, "been there, done that" story. The concept could've been touching and emotionally effective. Unfortunately, it's neither. The Sisters fails to hone in on its use of, well... sisters, like a film such as A Tale of Two Sisters did before it. Aside from having a bland, bloated story, The Sisters suffers from poor storytelling; the complicated storytelling has little aesthetic value and unnecessarily complicates the story. As for horror, the film has some incredibly creepy visuals. For example, the air duct ghost introduction has a repetitive buildup, but the payoff is very satisfying. The eerie visuals are a highlight for the film, but there are also some decent jump-scares and some solid suspense.

The acting is decent, but every cast member seems to overact for most of their performances -- their reactions don't seem believable. The cinematography is decent, sometimes it's difficult to see what's going on. The different tints work well with the film, but are often unnecessary in creating atmosphere. The music is great in creating an ominous atmosphere and suspense, it's really a highlight for the film. Tiwa Moeithaisong's direction is lacking, the cast seems to be improvising without a target most of the time, and there is a lack of consistency.

Overall, The Sisters has some incredibly spooky visuals, some good jump-scares, and a few scenes with great suspense. However, the story never hooked me, the storytelling is sloppy, and the horror runs out of steam before the film reaches its disappointing ending. Being a fan of Asian horror, especially Thai horror, I just couldn't get into this film like I did a film like Laddaland.

Score: 4/10
Parental Guide: Some strong violence and blood, and a brief rape scene. (you only see the thrusting for a few seconds.)

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