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Film Review: Long Weekend (aka Thongsook 13) (2013)

Long Weekend (aka Thongsook 13) (Review)
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"Long Weekend is really a film for the weekend..."

Thongsook (Chinawut Indracusin) is an eccentric young man who has a huge crush on his only friend, Nam (Natpassara Adulyamethasiri). Nam and her friends want to leave on a long weekend vacation on a seemingly deserted and creepy island, and Thongsook secretly follows along...

Long Weekend, also known as Thongsook 13, follows Nam and her friends as they escape to an old island for vacation. The trip was only intended for Nam and four friends, but, in a creepy, stalker-like fashion, Thongsook shows up for the party. They're told about the haunted grounds, and like many horror characters, they stupidly visit it anyway, all while tormenting poor Thongsook. So, all hell breaks loose, they're picked off one by one, and the only way to stop the killing is to stop the devouring spirit before midnight. Long Weekend leads to a predictable but well-appreciate ending -- it really helps the film come full circle as a true horror homage.

Long Weekend is a Thai horror, but a little more than your traditional installment in the genre. This film plays more like a homage to some classic horror films mixing elements of supernatural, slasher, monster, and gory horror films. It's also has some hilarious moments, really I couldn't help but laugh out loud during one kill sequence. It's not particularly petrifying, but it has enough to at least entertain most horror fans -- I'd be lying if I said I wasn't entertained. Since it's a homage to most horror films, almost a satire of the genre, much of the predictability and plot contrivances in the story are excusable, in my opinion. Long Weekend is really a film for the weekend -- a film to let loose and have a good time.

Chinawut Indracusin is great as Thongsook, a bit of a stereotypical performance but diverse and immersed. Natpassara Adulyamethasiri is also great in her role. The rest of the cast play there role's well, too. The film is shot well, some scenes are too dark too see, though. The scenery is captured beautifully, as well. I liked the music in the film. The film has some computer special effects, and they blend very well with the rest of the film; I watched 407 Dark Flight 3D before this, and Long Weekend has much better special effects. Taweewat Wantha directs Long Weekend with great skill, really creating a diverse and entertaining horror experience. The story does get lost in itself a couple of times, really becoming more bizarre than it should be, but that's more of a fault with some of the writing.

Overall, Long Weekend is a very entertaining Thai horror film. It has some suspense, jump-scares, spooky visuals, and grizzly gore. The story gets lost in its own satire, but it is still more than serviceable. If you're looking to kill a weekend, check out Long Weekend.

Score: 7/10
Parental Guide: Strong violence and blood, and gore.

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