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Film Review: 407 Dark Flight 3D (aka Dark Flight) (2012)

407 Dark Flight 3D (aka Dark Flight) (Review)
Format Viewed For Review: Blu-ray (2D) (Hong Kong) (Vicol Entertainment Ltd.)
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"Dark Flight unfortunately never takes off."

New (Marsha Wattanapanichj), a senior flight attendant, is deemed healthy and ready to fly again after her last disastrous job, which ended in a crash. But, her first flight back is on a recommisioned plane -- the same plane she insist caused the last accident...
407 Dark Flight 3D follows New, the passengers, and the rest of the crew of Flight 407 as they are surrounded by an ominous presence. Is it a supernatural presence or is it in their head? Ghosts or hallucinations? The story is straight-forward for the most part with some predictable mystery. There aren't any surprises, 407 Dark Flight 3D doesn't have any effective punches or cards up its sleeve regarding the story. Anyway, this fight for survival leads to an tense and entertaining ending.

Considering the story is by-the-books and predictable, you can expect 407 Dark Flight 3D to follow a traditional Thai horror path. The horror consists of some very light suspense, some decent jump-scares, and a barrage of crappy and creepy visuals. The visuals range from odd and ill-fitted, to ominous and spooky. In fact, you can say most of the horror in this film suffers from... turbulence. (Ha!) Really inconsistent with some highs and many lows.

The setting is great, though. I also like how the setting occasionally changes as the film progresses, like it would in a Silent Hill video game or movie. There aren't many supernatural horror films that take flight, so 407 Dark Flight 3D is refreshing in this sense; a supernatural horror film on plane doesn't have to work as hard as a supernatural horror film in a house or apartment -- we've seen more than enough of those. However, the setting alone can't save the film from mediocrity. The story is still bland, the horror is inconsistent, the setting is underutilized, and the film overall stays on the border of a serious film and a B-movie.

The acting ranges from bad to mediocre. Marsha Wattanapanichj plays New, she is okay, but never really takes charge and lacks charisma. I think the cheesy acting ultimately negatively affects the horror. The special effects are decent; the plane looks great during most scenes; however, some scenes look out of place and ugly likely due to the 3D. The music was okay, but a bit too epic for a horror film. I felt the editing was odd, also due to the use of fades and odd music placement. Director Issara Nadee fails to deliver the horror throughout most of the film, but shows some promise and focus.

Overall, 407 Dark Flight 3D is a mediocre horror film, yet moderately entertaining. I love the setting, and it has some high moments. But it is hard to take seriously due to the poor acting and misplaced special effects -- Dark Flight unfortunately never takes off. If you can get your hands on it for a low price, it may be worth checking out for fans of Asian horror.

Score: 4/10
Parental Guide: Some violence and blood.

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