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Top 10 Best Foreign Dramas on Netflix

I'm from the United States. I love our domestic dramas, like Take Shelter and Prisoners, but I also love the international releases -- from South Korea to Denmark. These foreign dramas tend to travel into territory Hollywood is afraid to explore. They offer a sense of culture shock, and I love it. So, I've compiled this list of my favorite foreign dramas, and, to narrow the scope and have a common denominator, all of these films can be found on Netflix. Also, some of these films might have elements of other genres (i.e. a drama-thriller hybrid) blended into them, but the core should be as dramatic as it gets. And, finally, I haven't seen every foreign drama on Netflix; if I missed one of your favorites, leave a comment and I'll check it out.

One final note: I tried to skip the films everyone lists as their favorites to give this list some originality and identity. So, some of your popular favorites may be missing from this list.

The Hunt
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A powerful and difficult drama to watch. The film focuses on a man on the verge of repairing his life only to be brought down by a small lie -- a molestation accusation from a kindergarten student. Prepare yourself for one of the most infuriating, saddening, and gripping experiences ever captured on film.

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A dark and moody drama that follows a vicious young man whose life is flipped when a woman shows up claiming to be his mother. This is a multi-layered drama with strong themes and subtle symbolism, and a plot that leads to a devastating climax.

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Graceland is a low-budget drama-thriller hybrid that travels to uncharted territory. The film keeps you on edge as it takes you through the criminal underworld of child trafficking, and it keeps you there until it reaches its twisted climax.

Ocean's Heaven
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Jet Li offers a more sentimental role in this powerful drama about life, death, and family -- it doesn't dwell in complete darkness, as there is some light in this film.

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In a sense, this is a beautiful film about life, death, and relationships -- it's painful, saddening, depressing, and even haunting, but beautiful. This is especially effective for those that have been affected by terminal illness.

A Hijacking
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Moving slightly away from bleak and depressing, A Hijacking is a drama/thriller hybrid. It features a level of realism most films don't reach, and some authentic, gut-wrenching suspense.

Floating City
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Beautiful in both narrative and aesthetics, Floating City is a captivating drama about life, family, sacrifice and discrimination, and it's equally inspirational, triumphant, and reassuring.

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An immersive and authentic historical piece, Masquerade delivers a powerful, dramatic tale. Masquerade becomes more effective as it masterfully blends drama and comedy, as well as its subtle yet noticeable political undertones.

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A raw, emotional disaster drama. The disaster is difficult to watch and effective, but Aftershock differentiates itself by focusing on the difficulty of rebuilding one's life after a disaster -- which can be a disaster on its own.

Hara-Kiri (2011)
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Takashi Miike helms this remake and creates a beautiful but poignant tale; a technical piece of art, and a classic narrative told for modern audiences.

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