Friday, January 17, 2014

Do you deserve to watch a film that doesn't deserve your money?

As I browse the internet, I tend to spend hours watching movie trailers. "This movie doesn't deserve my money, I'll be downloading it" - a comment I see in many film trailers, usually the films that will likely meet poor reception. If a film doesn't deserve your money, do you really deserve to watch it? Simply because it may be a bad film, should you be able to watch it for free?

I think these are thoughts of the entitled population. If it's not a masterpiece, it doesn’t deserve your money. However, some films simply may not be your cup of tea. Because you dislike or you think you will likely dislike it, doesn't mean you should steal it and contribute to the devaluation of the property. Other people may enjoy the film, and enjoy supporting the company that made the film. Companies like The Asylum even has a legitimate audience. Even if some of these films are cheap cash-ins, they often have their legitimate audiences. Some people think this type of "justified" piracy (i.e. illegally watching movies that you have little interest in) does not come at a price -- there is no harm done. But, if you paid for it, you'd be giving the filmmakers funding and ambition for another movie targeted the audience that actually enjoys it; you don't have to watch the second coming, take it as a lesson learned.

Generally, I've never agreed with piracy. In some cases, I've seen people download a movie, and pay for it later -- I suppose I can understand this reasoning. However, you must be willing to pay for the movie, even if it were the worst film ever, in order for this thought process to be legitimate, in my opinion. For example, if you say or think "I'm downloading this film because I don't have money now, but I'd really like to see it and pay them back later," you must honestly intend on paying for it later in order to avoid being malicious. None of this "it ended up sucking, so I'm not paying for it" nonsense. Even then, I wouldn't condone piracy, I'd just understand why. There would still be some harm done, but not nearly as bad as the first example.

I don't really have a purpose for this post. Maybe I'm envious of those that freely download the films I pay for -- why don't I have the guts to do the same? Maybe I honestly believe piracy is harming the film industry -- if people paid for to watch the movies they were interested in, would we lower the amount of senseless cash-ins and unbelievable sequels? Regardless, let me answer the question I presented first: No, a bad film you have little interest in does not warrant your piracy. Oh, and this doesn't include those that watch films not available in their country, out-of-production films, and films that were never released. I still don't know how to feel about that topic.

Also, I'm not trying to be malicious or rude to the pirates out there, but I would like to understand your reasoning. Can't risk the cash on a purchase? Don't want to support crappy films? What entices you to piracy? The world may never know... (*crunch*)

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