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Film Review: Unrest (2006)

Unrest (Review)
United States/2006
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"...very disappointing film considering the great special effects and musical score."

Medical student Alison Blanchard (Corri English) arrives at a hospital for med school fresh off the waitlist. As they begin to dissect a cadaver for a group project, Alison begins to fear for her safety as an ominous presence is felt and employees start dying.

Unrest continued with Alison telling everyone that will listen that she doesn't believe in spirits but believes she's being targeted by an angry spirit. She has this special power to feel and she's always right when she has this feeling. Meanwhile, some characters conduct some cheesy flirting, quite a few douchebag moments, and some research on the cadaver. So, nothing really happens otherwise, except for a few disappearances and discoveries. There is a severe lack of focus throughout most of the film, you cant tell if its a ghost story or otherwise -- and not because it's a good mystery film. Unrest ends disappointingly -- the ending feels very forced, and even pointless when you think about the logic surrounding their decision.

Unrest has a promising beginning. It starts off slow and creepy, really creating a burning sensation of tension and suspense -- which, unfortunately, doesn't last long. This feeling of dread quickly wears off when we're introduced to the one dimensional students -- one who is a giant d-bag. Afterward, Unrest doesn't really do much with its ideas; and, most of its ideas are there to push a poorly focused story forward. Aside from being filled with plot contrivances, and relying on a character's feeling (most of her dialogue is "I have this feeling she was murdered or committed suicide," as if it has any significance.) the characters are illogical and even annoying. I mean, really, you'll be surprised to find the douchebag character has an even more annoying and douchebaggy fiancé. Like I said, after its chilling introduction, the film runs out of steam and becomes a bore.

Corri English is competent as the lead, but lacks charisma and genuine emotion; she delivers some of her emotional scenes like a robot, you can see a lack of investment in her facial expressions and eyes. Otherwise, the rest of the acting was okay, good enough. The special effects are great on the dead cadavers; the claims of being the first film to use real human bodies aren't confirmed, but they look real enough to send chills down your spine. The music is also a great, redeeming factor for the film. The direction and writing severely lacks focus and terror, it just doesn't have any direction where the film is freely flowing as if it's bring improvised on the spot.

Overall, Unrest has a promising introduction, but quickly loses its momentum and becomes a drag to get through. The lead is a bore, the horror is almost nonexistent, and the story is all over the place -- relying solely on a feeling. Its a very disappointing film considering the great special effects and musical score.

Score: 3/10
Parental Guide: Strong violence and gore, and nudity. (only the dead bodies appear nude.)

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