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Film Review: Trick R' Treat (2007)

Trick R' Treat (Review)
United States/2007
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A 31 Days of Halloween Special Review!*

" love for this film is immeasurable..."

Trick R' Treat is a Halloween-themed anthology. Featuring four tales of terror, each story interconnects through the ominous presence of Sam -- a tiny trick-or-treater with orange footsie pajamas and a sack over his head.

Trick R' Treat is a horror anthology with four different stories, but lacks a frame story. However, this isn't a problem as every story brilliantly interconnects and the flow is never broken. In fact, each story is told concurrently with a few time skips -- but, it never loses its audience. Now, the content of these tales are best kept secret as they feature some great surprises. You should expect everything associated with Halloween crammed into this short anthology, and the birth of a horror icon, as well. The final act of the film is a fitting closure, definitely a memorable ending with great suspense and humor.

Trick R' Treat packs in so much content into its short runtime. The film balances its terror well, and counteracts it with some hilarious black humor. The horror relies on great suspense, a few jump-scares, slick gore effects, and the creatures of the night we grew up on. The humor is black, often being very chilling yet smirk-inducing. This is a film you'll want to watch twice thanks to the amazing blend of horror and comedy, as well as the great entertainment it delivers; however, you'll also want to watch it again to catch the brilliant foreshadowing as it is very effective, making for great "Ohhh" moments.

The acting is great from the entire cast; Brian Cox is always welcome, and he delivers a great performance. The music is perfect for the setting, capturing the mood and atmosphere of Halloween. The film is shot nicely, the set design is great. The special effects are also very interesting and well done; the practical gore effects are great, and the animatronics work very well -- fortunately, this film relies more on practical effects than computer. Michael Dougherty writing and direction skills are at their best, crafting a classic Halloween story through effective direction and smooth, creative storytelling.

Overall, Trick R' Treat is a horror masterpiece, and my Halloween tradition -- I can't go a year without watching this. Don't be fooled by the short review, or at least shorter than usual, my love for this film is immeasurable and, if you haven't seen it, you should see it without spoiling it for yourself beforehand. You must watch this film, whether your a fan of horror or not.

This rounds up our 31 Days of Halloween marathon, check back in tomorrow for a full recap! What a great way to end the month, don't you think?

Score: 10/10
Parental Guide: Strong violence and blood, brief nudity.

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