Monday, September 16, 2013

Film Review: Star Trek Into Darkness (2013)

Star Trek Into Darkness (Review)
United States/2013
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"...epic, epic, and epic."

Captain Kirk (Chris Pine) and the crew of the starship USS Enterprise are recruited to hunt commander-turned-terrorist John Harrison (Benedict Cumberbacth) -- who has been conducting several terrorist attacks through London.

Star Trek Into Darkness continues with Kirk and crew pursuing John Harrison into Kronos. Diplomatic issues arise as one false move can cause all-out war with the Klingons. On top of that, there is much more to be discovered about the sinister John Harrison, as well as the skeptical mission the Enterprise crew has been sent on. The story stays consistent throughout, really staying focused and keeping its momentum to the end. The ending, unfortunately, is a bit abrupt, unfulfilling, and cliché -- it's not bad per se, but it isn't as exceptional as the rest of the film.

Star Trek Into Darkness' biggest advantage is its exceptional action sequences. I'm not too familiar with the Star Trek series so I can't be too harsh -- if something is wrong, I really wouldn't know, unfortunately. But, for people like me, Star Trek Into Darkness delivers a fascinating SciFi world with exhilarating action sequence after another. This entry packs in a great variety of action including blazing shootouts, incredible chases, and thrilling starship battles. Like I said, the story is very focused on one situation, yet it manages to deliver several different action sequences -- I really liked that, very clean yet versatile.

Chris Pine is fantastic as Kirk; his performance has great range, and he is a very charismatic lead. Zachary Quinto returns as Spock with another incredible performance -- very calm and collective, yet deep and likable. Benedict Cumberbacth delivers a sinister performance as the villain, a bit over-the-top but always manages to steal the show from the rest of the cast. The special effects are spectacular, they really work well in creating the SciFi world. The cinematography is pure eye candy -- the vibrant colors work very well. The music is awe-inspiring and compliments the action very well. J.J. Abrams' direction is fantastic, as well.

Overall, Star Trek Into Darkness is a spectacular SciFi adventure; the story is engaging and interesting, the action is breathtaking, the visual effects and cinematography are beautiful, the music is perfectly fitted... the ending was really my only issue with the film, unfortunately. Otherwise, Star Trek Into Darkness is epic, epic, and epic.

Score: 9/10
Parental Guide: Violence and blood.

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