Thursday, September 19, 2013

Film Review: Julia's Eyes (2010)

Julia's Eyes (Review)
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"...the type of impact that made The Exorcist scary."

After her blind sister presumably commits suicide, Julia (Belén Rueda) begins to suspect foul play and is engulfed in the mystery. However, the further she gets, and the more frustration and stress she experiences, the further her own eyesight diminishes...

Julia's Eyes is a high-tension thriller blended jolting horror and effective horror elements. The story follows Julia as she tries to prove foul play in her sister's death. Through her investigation, Julia finds out about the "invisible man" -- that man that no one cares for, that man that's always ignored, that man that no one sees. Eventually, she believes she may be the next target of this lucrative shadow. At the same time, her own eyesight is damaged from the stressful situation -- some which she often places herself in. The story ends with a twisted finale, and a somber farewell; the twists are piled up to move the story along, not necessarily shock, and they work well. And, the film uses its runtime widely with its consistent thrills, horror, and drama.

This isn't a pure-breed horror film. Julia's Eyes is a thriller a myster, a horror, and a drama. Most of the film is weighted down by its dreadful suspense and tension -- further complimented by the tense atmosphere the film creates. The wonderfully executed chase and hide-and-seek scenes are thrilling and breathtaking. There are plenty of unforgettable, jolting jump-scares to... well, make you jump out of your seat. And, it only gets better during the second half as the film implements an intense apartment sequence. These amazingly executed elements, that is the thriller and horror elements, stay consistent from beginning to end. The drama relies off its engaging dialogue and involving characters, as well as the effective concept of the "invisible man"; I felt this element added a significant impact to the film, the type of impact that made The Exorcist scary.

Belén Rueda is fantastic as the lead, with a very dramatic and believable performance. The rest of the cast is equally impressive with their performances. The music is well-fitted in creating the atmosphere, as well as delivering the unexpected jump-scares: it blends seamlessly with the film to create a very effective experience. The film is shot beautifully, the cinematography is captures the bleak setting up to the end. The direction. Guillem Morales direction is great, really pulling a lot from the plot and cast -- making each aspect an effective element.

Overall, Julia's Eyes is a terrifying thriller. The thriller, mystery, horror, and drama elements are balanced perfectly to create a consistent and effective experience. Guillem Morales masterfully crafts this petrifying tale with the precision of our greatest film making legends. Don't miss this film, it's an unforgettable time killer.

Score: 10/10
Score: Some strong violence and blood, nudity.

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