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Film Review: Snowman's Land (2010)

Snowman's Land (Review)
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"...it's unique, it's darkly humorous, it's mostly engaging, and it's entertaining..."

Walter, a professional killer, fumbles during a job and takes up a new job protecting Berger's, a crime boss, home in the Carpathian Mountains. He is accompanied by an old friend -- the eccentric and irresponsible Mickey. When Berger's wife is accidentally killed, the pair try to hide the incident and hope to survive the following storm.

Snowman's Land continues to show Walter and Mickey as they try to hide their mistake -- well, mostly Mickey's mistake, anyway. What follows is a storm of suspicion, interrogation, lies, truths, and betrayals. I'll keep it at that to avoid spoiling some of the story's nicely executed twists and turns. The story's ending is good, although it lacks impact and explanation. That's about it, though. I'd say it's sorta uneventful, even for a 99 minute feature.

Snowman's Land is a crime thriller, but it's mostly relies on its black humor. Some of the humor is subtle, some is blunt, but I enjoyed most of it. I wasn't particularly thrilled during the film, but I was invested and there are a few tense moments. Not much of an action film, so don't expect shootouts and explosions. Because of the lack of thrills and action, and it solely relying on its black humor, the film often feels like it lacks energy, or life; add on a lack of significant events, and you'll notice the film is hollow, to a point.

The acting is fantastic. I really enjoyed both leads as they exchanging their opposite energies magnificently; they're polar opposites with great chemistry. I enjoy the cinematography, it really captures the environment and compliments some of the stylish choices. The music is also great, very unique and well-fitted for the black comedy. The writing and direction are great, but both lack a certain consistency; I like the stylish choices like the monologues and the subtleness, but it lacks the essentials in making a thriller.

 Overall, I like Snowman's Land -- it's unique, it's darkly humorous, it's mostly engaging, and it's entertaining, and, to top it off, it features two superb performances. But it lacks energy and consistency to keep the movie moving forward.

Score: 7/10
Parental Guide: Some strong violence and blood, partial nudity and brief sex.

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