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Film Review: Pusher (2012)

Pusher (Review)
United Kingdom/2012
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"...intense and violent, and it moves at a furious pace..."

Frank (Richard Coyle) is a low-level drug dealer who agrees to a large drug deal with a former cellmate. Frank borrows a kilo of cocaine from Milo (Zlatko Burić), a powerful and dangerous drug lord. When the deal is raided by the police midway, Frank is left empty-handed as he dumps the drugs in a river. Now, he must repay Milo... or else.

Pusher continues to follow Frank's hectic week as he tries to find the money before he loses his kneecaps; selling drugs, collecting debts, robbing past clients in a bloody rampage fueled by the will to survive. And when he thinks he's up, he'll be brought back down by a chain of unfortunate events. This ferociously paced crime thriller leads up to an open yet brutal ending, albeit somewhat unfulfilling.

As previously stated, the story follows Frank as he tried to make 55 grand in a few days. A title card will tell you when the day changes, and every day has a significant event. The film mostly works off its fast, intense dialogue and insane encounters. There are wild parties, brutal beatings, bloody suicide, robberies, and so on; all of this is complimented by a fantastic soundtrack. There are a few scenes I disliked because of the overwhelming color and flashing; the constant flashing in the club scenes is hard on my eyes. Other than that, the story moves at a ferocious pace thanks to the many events it packs in and the quick dialogue.

The acting is fantastic. Richard Coyle is great as the lead delivering his dialogue fluently with great charisma. Zlatko Burić is also great and charismatic, as well as intimidating when he has to be. The music is fantastic and works well for the film. The film is shot well, although the club scenes were discomforting. Luis Prieto pulls of a successful remake and manages to make it his own with his great direction.

Overall, Pusher is a great crime thriller. The movie is intense and violent, and it moves at a furious pace -- a great crime film to kill a night. A few scenes where discomfiting due to some technical aspects, and the ending was a bit unfulfilling, but it was ultimately enjoyable and entertaining.

Score: 8/10
Parental Guide: Strong violence and blood, sex and nudity.

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